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Tupperware ushers new strategy of Simply Indian products

Company release, May 4, 2004

New Delhi

Tupperware, the second largest Direct Selling Company in the country has introduced the "MultiCook", a product designed and conceptualised for the Indian market. Fulfilling consumer needs and being abreast of current trends has always been Tupperware's forte. Introducing MultiCook is the company's answer to "healthy eating" trend that is sweeping India at present. The five dimensional quality of the product also adds convenience in one's kitchen.

Since its entry in 1996, Tupperware has steadily carved a place for itself on the shelves of the Indian Kitchen and is a well-established household name today. Tupperware boasts of a 50,000 strong Salesforce spread across 43 cities at present and has chalked out an aggressive target of reaching the Rs. 206 crore turnover by 2006.

Introducing indigenous products will be one of the key drivers of growth in the future for Tupperware. The company started the process a few years ago with products like the Masala Magic, Rice Keeper and Table Top Flask, which are doing brisk business in the market place. Introducing MultiCook, a product meant simply for Indian cooking earmarks Tupperware's "glocal" vision.

Speaking on the evolution of Tupperware's product line, Kanwar S Bhutani, Managing Director, Tupperware India said, "The MultiCook blends conventional and traditional needs with modern looks and Tupperware characteristic of utility. This completely Indian initiative is designed to usher a whole new strategy that the company will pursue in the future. An outcome of extensive research undertaken by the company among Indian homemakers and with valuable inputs from our all women Salesforce, the MultiCook salutes the patronage of our customer who has made us the 2nd largest Direct Selling company in the country."

This multi-functional, multi-utility, MultiCook is a five-in-one product and a must have for all Indian kitchens. The versatile MultiCook can be used to Cook, Steam, Strain, Reheat and Serve. Available at a price of Rs. 795/- it is sure to make life five times easier in the modern-day kitchen.

A special promotional pack of Idli-mix has been prepared in conjunction with MTR. This will be included with the product. Tupperware has also tied up with the Microwave division of LG Electronics, a premier white goods company. LG, as event partners, will provide support for the events planned for the launch of MultiCook.

Noted chef Rakesh Sethi has also been keenly involved with the Indian design team in the course of the development of the MultiCook. His culinary expertise, which undoubtedly takes him into the heart of the kitchen, was valuable in making the MultiCook user-friendly. Speaking at the launch he said, "My association with Tupperware's new product development team has been an eye-opener. Their attention to detail is remarkable. They have considered its active use by housewives and ensured features to make cooking with MultiCook a pleasurable experience. MultiCook's multi utility characteristic and good looks is a reflection of Tupperware's uncompromising attitude to perfection. I am confident that every household will find the MultiCook and its functional qualities extremely productive."

About Tupperware:

Tupperware India is a leading Direct Selling company of premium food storage, preparation and serving items. The Company started its operations in 1996 and reaches 43 cities across the country today. It's all women Salesforce has grown to 50,000 strong and the exciting Party Plan method is attracting more and more women everyday. It is a wonderful Business Opportunity and has touched the lives of a million women worldwide. Tupperware has over 85 products available in the Indian market currently; all made of 100% virgin food grade plastic and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. Tupperware Corporation, the parent company of Tupperware India, worth $ 1.1 billion, is one of worlds leading Direct Sellers and reaches consumers in more than 100 countries.

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