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Kaya Skin Clinic forms Kaya Skin Advisory

Company release, July 25, 2004

New Delhi

Kaya Skin ClinicTM, India's only chain of exclusive skin clinics offering world class treatments and services has launched the Kaya Skin Advisory. The launch of the advisory was announced in Delhi by Mr. Rakesh Pandey, CEO, Kaya Skin ClinicTM, on Wednesday, 21st July, 2004.

Kaya Skin ClinicTM now takes forward its role as the pioneer in skin treatments by launching Kaya Skin Advisory. The Advisory will be involved in the following:

To create a body of Dermatologists committed to raising the standards of skin care in India.

Bringing revolutionary international breakthrough treatments for the first time ever in India and customize the products to suit Indian skin and climate conditions. To also bring the latest trends in skincare to India.

To position their treatments as well researched; efficacious treatments developed and offered by trained professionals.

Promote awareness about skin ailments affecting Indians. To provide result-oriented efficacious solutions to improve the way our skin looks, acts and feels.

Kaya Skin Advisory will also raise awareness and education levels amongst consumers through a sustained series of interactions and Workshops on skin care.

The Kaya skin advisory brings together the largest pool of dermatologists under one umbrella. 35 dermatologists and growing with the launch of newer clinics from premier institutes in country like from Apollo Hospitals, Max Healthcare, Nair Hospital, Nanavati Hospital, KEM Hospital, Grant Medical College and JJ Medical College, and Dr Aparna Santhanam, MD-Dermatologist, Kaya Skin ClinicTM, amongst others will be a part of the Kaya Skin Advisory. It brings together knowledge and resources from all over the world as opposed to a single point solution from a Doctor.

In addition to this, through research and development facilities, The Kaya Skin Advisory will train their staff in the latest skin care treatments from all over the world that have been adapted to the Indian environment. This makes the Advisory an internationally trained body. Leading dermatologists from around the world will also consult with the Kaya Skin Advisory and train staff in the latest developments in skincare.

"To conclude, The Kaya Skin Advisory aims at conducting extensive research and launching skincare treatments based on the platform of achieving "Beauty through Technology", says Mr. Rakesh Pandey, CEO, Kaya Skin Clinic. Also present at the launch of the advisory was Dr. Aditi Gowitrikar, brand ambassador, Kaya Skin Clinic. "I've tried a lot of treatments from Kaya & found them to be extremely effective and safe. The pimple-free treatment is indeed a revolutionary break-through service, that has proved to be a boon for a lot of people who have tried the service and benefited from it", says Dr. Gowitrikar.

In their role as a body of trained skincare professionals, Kaya Skin Advisory has developed a revolutionary new service that reduces pimples by nearly 80%, for the first time for any pimple treatment in India. The Advisory is proud to launch the Kaya Pimple-Free Service,

Dr Elizabeth Rostan, Visiting Consultant, Kaya Skin Clinic says "Kaya Pimple-Free has been specially developed by the Kaya Skin Advisory, using the latest US FDA approved Smoothbeam Laser technology (exclusively available to Kaya Skin ClinicTM) to provide highly efficacious results reducing pimples by upto 80%. The panel of dermatologists has conducted extensive clinical trials to determine the best design for the treatment in order to maximize results."

To coincide with the launch of Kaya Pimple Free, Kaya Skin ClinicTM is celebrating a "Pimple Free Week" at all their clinics in Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune. Anyone suffering from pimples or acne scars can visit the dermatologists at Kaya Skin ClinicTM for a free skinscription - a detailed skin analysis of ones skin with the Kaya dermatologist to find out what would be the best treatment options for the pimples. The Kaya Pimple-Free Week Offer is from 20th to 31st July, 2004 in Delhi & NCR. "Besides treating the pimple problems, through this promotion we would like to spread awareness about the myths prevailing about the causes of pimples, how incorrect treatments can make matters worse and how prolonging a pimple problem can lead to several related disorders like low self esteem, depression, anxiety, insomnia and abnormal social behavior", says Dr Aparna Santhanam, MD-Dermatologist, Kaya Skin ClinicTM.

Dr. Aparna Santhanam, Head-medical services, Kaya Skin Clinic adds, "Pimples are the most common skin ailment, affecting almost 80-90% of the population worldwide, specially in the 15-25 age group. It is the No. 1 reason why patients visit a dermatologist".

There are many myths prevailing about the causes of pimples: poor hygiene, diet, stress, cosmetics etc. However the truth is that pimples are caused by the excess secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands (oil glands), the root cause of pimples. A serious skin disorder, pimples often go untreated resulting in pain, debilitating scar formations and skin damage. For years, traditional oral and topical pimple treatments haven't treated the direct source of pimples - overactive oil producing sebaceous glands. Frustrated patients have been long searching for solutions, sometimes going in for alternatives, which have been known to cause side effects or have negligible efficacy.

Kaya Pimple-Free is a revolutionary, safe, effective and non-invasive service that dramatically reduces facial pimples by attacking the root cause of pimples i.e. the over functioning of the sebaceous gland, reducing the excess production of oil and recommends sittings based on an in-depth individualized medical skin analysis. Kaya Pimple- Free involves a holistic combination of the latest US FDA approved Smoothbeam Laser technology and Glycolic Peels Each session of Kaya Pimple-Free comprises of a combination of 1 session of Smoothbeam Laser and 1 session of a Glycolic Peel.

Smoothbeam laser is a breakthrough treatment, which uses specially designed laser machines to target the root cause of acne -the overactive functioning of the sebaceous gland. The laser targets the sebaceous glands, bringing the production of oil down to normal levels while Glycolic Peels increase the skin's performance by decreasing the build up of dead skin cells thereby allowing fresher skin cells to the surface. Glycolic Peels loosen the natural oils and dirt that build up in the pores. This deep cleansing action minimizes the appearance of pores and reduces the development of pimples & other breakouts.

"Launching Kaya Pimple-Free is in line with Kaya Skin Advisory's effort of being the pioneer in offering the latest result-oriented cosmetic dermatology skin services in India. The Smoothbeam laser is the latest and most effective cure available for pimples across the world and is exclusively available through Kaya Skin ClinicTM in India. Kaya Pimple- Free offers results in reduction of pimples by upto 80% - making it a truly revolutionary solution to the pimple problems of today's youth", adds Mr. Rakesh Pandey, CEO, Kaya Skin Clinic. Kaya Pimple-Free is priced at an introductory offer of Rs. 10,000/- for the entire package of 4 combination sessions each of the Smoothbeam Laser & Glycolic Peels. During the introductory phase, clients have an option of witnessing the amazing results for themselves by signing up for the 1st combination session by paying RS. 3,000/- with the option of upgrading for the remaining 3 sessions for an additional Rs. 7,000/- only.

Kaya Skin Clinics are located in Delhi at South Extension Part II market; Greater Kailash M Block Market Part II; Sector 18, Noida; Safdarjung Enclave; Punjabi Bagh and Gurgaon. In Mumbai the clinics are located at Nepean Sea Road, Bandra, Juhu, Mulund, Worli, Kalaghoda & Lokhandwala and The Kaya experience is now also available at our clinics in Dubai.

For further information, please call:

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