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Barista Launches Valentine Special

Company Brief

Mumbai, February 08, 2008

Coffee and cookies, chocolate and ice cream, some things are just meant to be together. Barista launches a special range of beverages and desserts – designed to be shared this season.

Spend valentine’s at Barista and get more than just love in return. Barista offers a choice of three exotic drinks that are ideal to spend their special time over. Beverages which are perfect for two & served in our special duet glass in three rich flavours are:

Swiss Holiday: Delicious cold coffee blended with ice cream and premium Swiss chocolate, topped with cream and served in our special duet glass.

Mango Mush : A thick mango smoothie topped with cream served in a duet glass with a fun straw. It’s even better when you share it

Strawberry Dream: A thick, creamy and delicious strawberry drink topped with strawberry crush and whipped cream.

Another ‘must have’ in this beautiful season of love is ‘Double Trouble’, a new chocolate dessert launched by Barista. An ideal treat for two – shaped like twin hearts, this Mississippi mud cake is topped with chocolate fudge, ice cream and whipped cream, served with a helping of cherries. Just the treat to sweep that someone special off their feet!

This valentine it is not just about awesome desserts and loaded beverages. Barista also offers a great range of affordable gifts to choose from that are ideal for this season of love. Win your valentines heart with cuddly soft toys from Barista.

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