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Pradeep Gupta picking up Dice India Holdings' stake in CyberMedia tech job portal

Company Brief

Mumbai, February 8, 2008

CyberMedia group founder Mr. Pradeep Gupta has picked up the stake of Dice India Holdings, Inc.(a subsidiary of the US-headquartered Dice Holdings Inc.) in CyberMedia Dice Careers Limited.

CyberMedia Dice Careers Limited, a subsidiary of publicly listed CyberMedia India Limited, will be renamed as CyberMedia Careers Limited with CyberMedia India Limited and Pradeep Gupta as the key stakeholders.

The CyberMedia job portal, focused exclusively on the IT job sector, has over 680,000 registered job seekers / users. This makes CyberMedia portal the largest job portal focused exclusively on the IT jobs in the country. (As per Dataquest research estimates, India had 1.3 million IT professionals at the beginning of 2008).

The CyberMedia tech job portal achieved this number as a result of a joint offering of Dice India Holdings, Inc. and CyberMedia, South Asia's largest specialty media house. The two companies came together in October 2004 to fill in this gap.

CyberMedia Group Chairman Mr. Pradeep Gupta, said, "With this change in the ownership pattern, we would like to reward our 680,000 registered job seekers / users with several innovative services."

CyberMedia Tech Job portal aspires to offer unique services to the 680,000 registered job seekers / users on our site to further enhance their careers in the technology domain. It will help the hiring companies to source and recruit the most qualified technology professionals.

CyberMedia and IT job market

CyberMedia's expertise in the job market goes back to late 1980s. As IT industry took roots in India, it was the Dataquest appointment ads (in the form of yellow pages at the back of each issue) that became the biggest source for IT recruiters. As, the business moved online, CyberMedia launched CIOL Jobs which transitioned to CyberMedia Dice after the JV. Over the last three years, this JV focused its energies to help customers source and hire the most qualified technology professionals and to provide those professionals with the best job opportunities in their respective fields.

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