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Tata Launches leading Mobile TV Software Platform that drives DVB-H devices using Siano’s leading Receiver Technology

Company Brief

New Delhi/Netanya/Israel, February 8, 2008

Tata Elxsi Limited, the embedded Product Design arm of the Tata Group based in Bangalore, India announced that it has integrated its leading software stack solution for DVB-H devices based on Siano’s cutting edge receivers. This solution will be offered to handset and mobile device manufacturers, delivering flexibility, ease of integration, quick time-to-market and richness of features.

The new platform, integrated with Siano’s MDTV receiver, will be demonstrated in the upcoming 3GSM (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, during Feb 11-14, in Siano’s booth Siano’s hospitality suite (4.5 HS_44 Hall 4) and in Tata Elxsi’s booth no-1F92, Hall 2 Level 1. The partnership represents Siano’s entrance into the Indian market, increasing its already strong presence in Asia.

One of the key features of Tata Elxsi’s software platform, code named ”Maverick”, is the ability to seamlessly switch between DVB-H networks that either use the OMA-BCAST or the DVB-CBMS protocol. This feature literally makes this solution ubiquitous across all DVB-H networks deployed today and in the future, as it supports the two existing modes. In addition to supporting the required middleware and service guide components for both protocols, the (code-name) platform also supports the conditional-access (service purchase and protection) schemes implied by them as well, turning this into a perfect software development platform for any DVB-H device to be launched in any part of the world. The software platform from Tata Elxsi, is geared for future requirements such as DVB-SH, and comes with an application suite offering a comprehensive user experience.

“We had recognized quite from the start that DVB-H is facing challenges not only on the infrastructure and deployment aspects, but also from the technical protocols used”, said Ram Mohan, Tata Elxsi’s Head of IP Sales and Business Development. “Siano’s high performance, multi-standard, multi-band and ultra-flexible solution is a perfect match to the platform we had envisioned and created – a single platform that can be used by device makers easily, seamlessly and with the utmost flexibility to create DVB-H devices, no matter of their end target market and which protocol, OMA-BCAST or CMBS is implemented therein”.

Raz Kivelevich-Carmi, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Siano, said “The partnership with Tata Elxsi represents perfect industry synergy, since their vision completely matches our own – a single platform that cuts design efforts and time-to-market for our customers and ensures the adequate ramp-up and adoption of DVB-H services all around the globe.”

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