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Rudraksha Technology launches six new products for the Broadcast Industry

Company Brief

Mumbai, August 12, 2009

Rudraksha Technology Private Limited (RTPL) a dynamic company providing consulting, management and engineering services for the broadcast industry, has also developed a range of products, X Stream, PSIGEN and MULTIX Mosaic Generator.

These set of products will help the digital television operators to add value added services in to their network.

The products are designed specifically with the intention of providing the customer optimized solutions and applications for the existing broadcast network and operators.

Rudraksha Technology Private Limited is continuously developing new products to cater to the evolving digital television and broadcast business. They also offer a path for incorporating emerging technologies that will change the landscape of content management and distribution. It is their constant endeavor to help the customers meet their business goals by providing them solutions which effectively distribute and manage their content.


XSTREAM is a DVB Playout system, designed to playback several digital MPEG-2/MPEG-4 DVB Transport Streams. The system is tailored to provide a cost-effective solution for Ad-Insertion, Program play-out, Time delay, and NVoD applications.

The system supports up to 32 channels simultaneously via ASI or IP outputs carrying MPEG2/MPEG-4 video. The server generates live DVB Transport Streams, and provides advanced multiplexing and PSI/SI management functions that can be used directly, without any post processing.

PSIGEN: As Direct to Home (DTH) and Distribution operators upgrade their services to digital, they require a cost -effective and DVB compliant solution that fits into their business models and combines full functionality with ease of integration. To meet this market demand, RTPL has introduced the PSIGEN which makes it easy for operators to implement digital television and to maintain their scheduled services.

The MPEG-PSI (facilitating the generation of PAT, CAT and PMT tables) and DVB-SI (facilitating the generation of NIT, SDT, EITpf and EITs actual/other tables) tables Generator with standard DVB-ASI output provides further support for even the simplest multiplexing systems.

MULTIX: Mosaic Generator is a compact 1RU system for Multi channel service operators seeking the highest quality and most cost effective solution to provide video rich interactive Program guide to their subscribers. MULTIX is all digital MPEG2 / MPEG4 system utilizing Gigabit Ethernet/ASI interfaces for input and output. The system can be configured locally or remotely in real-time.

MSO's can group similar content together and create audience specific portals for News, sports, family, movies and local content and incorporate advertising service promotions and other interactive elements to the presentation. Viewers at home use their remote to highlight and navigate individual video tiles and hear the accompanying audio and can navigate directly to a channel that captures their interest.

These video rich channels provide operators value added opportunities to direct subscribers to services such as video-on-demand and pay per view gateway, localized advertising.

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