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Seven Seas Seacod to help victims of Mumbai floods

Company Release, August 4


SEACOD, from the house of Seven seas will donate bright yellow raincoats to the street urchins of Mumbai to protect them from the recent devastating monsoon. The Seven Seas cod liver oil event shall take place opposite Hotel Intercontinental, Marine Drive, Mumbai on 4th August, 2005 at 3.30 p.m.

Mumbai street urchins have a tough life selling various products at junctions especially in the heavy and uncertain monsoons of Mumbai. The recent havoc created by the rains was record breaking in the past 100 years and have left people helpless. Therefore, SEACOD decided to take up the initiative to make life a little easier for these young people who work so hard to make a living in the city.

Realizing the need for help, this initiative is taken up by the Universal Medicare showing a sense of social responsibility towards society.

Speaking on this initiative the CEO, Mr. S. M. Kanwar said, “Protection of children today, ensures a healthier society tomorrow. Thus we at Universal Medicare Ltd., which manufactures SEACOD, the brand which has become synonymous to protection, decided to take up this good cause and distribute these raincoats to the underprivileged children of our society. This gesture is a small step towards doing our bit in helping Mumbai city.”

Famous celebrities Prachee Shah and Vishwaas Paandya will be present to

grace the occasion in association with Seven Seas Seacod. The newly engaged couple has expressed their support by saying, “SEACOD has taken up this social initiative and we are privileged to be a part of it.”

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