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HCL - KANA introduce Service Resolution Management (SRM) solution

HCLTechnologies Ltd., ("HCL"), a leading global IT and Engineering Services provider and Kana, a leading provider of service resolution management (SRM) solutions, are jointly bringing 'Resolution' to India. 'Resolution' is a process driven customer service solution, which can reduce service costs, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue opportunities by enabling contact center agents to solve customer inquiries faster, more accurately and consistently across service channels.

The HCL-KANA Resolution service has been created to improve the delivery of service by leveraging intelligence to automatically provide agents with the information and process required to resolve customer requests, thus reducing first call resolution rates and decreasing the call handling time.

Gartner predicts that the service resolution management market would be close to USD 1 Billion in a few years. Datamonitor in its recent survey has pegged the Global CRM Market at USD 7.5 Billion, of which the Customer Service Center market is at USD 2.2 Billion.

According to a recent study by SSPA 80% of the cost to service is spent in resolving, and this is the space that SRM attacks, bringing down the "service cost" dramatically down by 35 to 40%.

The study also states that only 55% of cases are resolved in first contact and a whopping 45% of the cases require the agents to do research and get back to the customer multiple times. Using KANA RESOLUTION, an enterprise can significantly up its first contact resolution.

The agent is guided through the resolution process creating a consistent resolution environment. This service captures and automates contact center processes to decrease agent training time, call handling time and customer churn, while also increasing cross sell and upsell opportunities. 

"It's common knowledge that customer service is crucial to customer loyalty and retention. Companies around the world are striving to enhance their service quality to deliver rapid, consistent and correct response. In fact, resolution time is not only the number one cause of customer dissatisfaction, it also drives up operating costs because it is the largest cost segment of any service interaction." Says Dilip Tailor, VP Operations EMEA, KANA

At first contact, resolution time accounts for at least 80% of a call's cost. When the call lasts more than a day, resolution represents 91% of the cost. Inefficient resolution processes limits your ability to leverage service interactions for cross-sales and up-sales. And that means customer service continues to be a cost center, not a profit center.

"This is the gap that the HCL- KANA Resolution is addressing with an innovative solution to the problem of ineffective, high-cost resolution management." adds Amitava Roy, Senior Corporate Vice President, HCL. "With this, resolution processes get optimized and maximize the quality, efficiency and revenue-generation potential of the service operations."

By combining the power of process automation with sophisticated knowledge management, this service creates an experience that is quick, consistent and complete.

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