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Experience Urban Fusion at its best at '5 All Day'

Company Brief

Mumbai, October 23, 2011

Nestled in one of the lanes of the crowded Colaba streets which is bustling with high energy shoppers and tourists trying to capture every aspect of the architectural hub of the city is ‘5 All Day’. Transformed by the owners behind 5, the restaurant in Santacruz, this independently run ‘5 All Day’ is the latest entrant offering a cheerful ambience in a sunlit space with chic interiors featuring grey upholstery and wide windows, low ceilings with walls painted the colour of lime and passion fruit.

The Colaba outpost comprises a bar, two dining sections and a lounge. The lower dining area has the cosy appeal of a basement hangout but with tall, frosted windows that let in soft light. The tables are flanked by a well-stocked bar on one side and the lounge on the other.

The food speaks for itself, as it surprises everyone with the innovative ‘smoked’ technique which is the restaurant’s signature. The dishes include smoked bloody mary soup, smoked pumpkin and fenugreek soup, smoked hickory chicken burgers and smoked spinach and scarmoza brownies to name a few.

5 All Day believes in using locally available ingredients which brings us to dishes like the Kasundi marinated Kolkata bekti, a fish which is flown down from Kolkata every day and Red spinach, bhavnagari chilly and cream cheese ravioli. If you have a sweet tooth you won’t be disappointed with desserts that include banana flip torte and a dark and white chocolate parfait which is a thick and silky chocolate pudding studded with cherries.

These divine dishes can be enjoyed with drinks like watermelon sangrias and for people who would like to experiment you can always try the Whiskey Crusta, which is a concotion of whiskey with tomato juice or the Banana Shy, which is vodka with bananas and apple juice.

Roy Edwin, the proprietor of 5 says, “5 All Day is new age restaurant guaranteeing a chain of good experiences every time one dines here. The menu of the place is such that one can have breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast.” Roy Acharyya through the launch of 5 All Day shares his passion for food and has addressed every single detail including the finest collection and different shapes and sizes of the tableware. To spend a few indulgent moments at 5 All Day means to experience the best of fusion food.

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