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Indian Cuisine gets Professional Input on International Shores

Company Brief

Delhi, December 26, 2011

Indian Cuisine truly goes international with Professional Consulting House, Under One Roof, all set to open 3 new Indian Restaurants in the Middle East and 2 in the USA. Although the cuisine has a worldwide presence with the Indian diaspora spread across the globe, this is among the first professional initiatives by a corporatised set-up in creating a complete Indian experience outside India. While with others, the Glamour quotient has been high in projection of the place, Under One Roof is talking hard core numbers and an extensively Researched and Formulated Food & Beverage experience.

Indian Cuisine gets Professional Input on International Shores
As Sonia Mohindra, Director, UOR Hotel Consultants, puts it “We are setting up and doing more than 3 projects in the middle east right now, of which all are Indian cuisine centric though each of them varying from the other at different price points. So while the domestic market seems to be opening up further, the International market is also opening up to the Indian experience – and wants a professional input to understand and update their interpretation and execution of the cuisine."

The Middle east projects should open their door to guests by March, while the US ones will take longer since they are part of the larger plan of reconstruction of the Holiday Inn, located near Chicago. UOR is also the consultant for the hotel redevelopment in the US.

However, UOR's focus will not just be the international markets, but their own domestic one which is recording rapid growth and is set for some mega launches in 2012.

"With the hospitality sector contributing about 9 per cent to India's GDP, and Many international hotel chains, including Las Vegas-based MGM Hospitality, Le Bua and UK's Whitbread and Best Western entering the market, hospitality is not likely to witness any recession despite a global economic downturn being caused by the Euro-Zone economic weakness," adds Sonia Mohindra.

UOR Hotel Consultants have set up over 60 stand alone projects ranging from 1000-square feet cafes to 250-room hotels in the year 2011, their outlook and growth projection for the next year is likely to be an increase of at least 20 percent reflecting in the number of hospitality projects undertaken, their size and scope. UOR is a pioneer in hospitality consultancy, with over 700 stand-alone projects and 70 hotels to their credit in the past 14 years. The company has handled concept, creation, design, interiors, menu and training for luxury restaurants, street cafes, lounges, bars, boutique hotels and even a luxury train. Formed by the husband-wife duo of Sonia and Manu Mohindra,UOR’s presence extends across 39 cities within the country, and South East Asia, Middle East as well as USA. On an average, the company consults and advises for investments of around Rs 300-500 crore per year. Under One Roof won the best hotel consultants award at the Franchise India Awards 2011.

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