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ICCC in cooperation with the city Brampton initiates India Trade Mission, 2013

Company Brief

New Delhi, January 14, 2013

To strengthen and expedite business relations between India and Canada, the Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) along with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) initiates a two day conference at the Indian Habitat Centre, Jan 14-15, 2013.

India Trade Mission 2013 is currently in India for a six-city tour covering Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kochi, Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar, Delhi and Amritsar.

What: Unlocking the Full Potential of Canada India Relations with focus on SME Sector

Where: Silver Oak Halls, India Habitat Center 

Lodhi Road, New Delhi

Delhi, India - 110003

When: Monday, January 14, 2013

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Mr. Naval Bajaj, ICCC President

Mr. Stewart Beck, Canadian High Commissioner to India

Ms Susan Fennell, Mayor of the City of Brampton

India’s Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Business

Chair, CII Committee for Canada

President, ICBC - Small Medium Business Sector

In 2009, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) announced a national strategy to develop the Indian SME sector. In India, SMEs account for 60 million jobs, 45 per cent of manufactured output and 40 per cent of exports. The numbers are similar in Canada, accounting for 45 per cent of GDP, 75 per cent of net employment growth, and 60 per cent of all jobs. Thus, the SME sector is a unique area for international cooperation and collaboration between Canada and India. This session will inter alia allow participants to understand the opportunities and prospects of co-operation in SME’s sector.

India Trade Mission, 2013:

The India Trade Mission is the largest ever trade delegation of Canadian Small Medium Enterprise (SME) sector companies that has travelled to India. Organized by the Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) jointly with the City of Brampton, the Mission comprises a delegation of Canadian conglomerates to India with companies from diverse business realms.

The India Trade Mission 2013 will highlight issues like India’s economic transformation- including its impressive GDP growth rate, Trade Liberalization and Grass Root Development initiatives. In each city, the Mission will dialogue and discourse with the local Chambers of Commerce and Industry associations. The main activities will include B2B meetings, Roundtable Business Conferences, and Networking events and will provide all participants with positive opportunities to work with local Chambers of Commerce and Industry associations, while strengthening relations and promoting joint ventures and investment opportunities.

Speaking on the trade mission, Naval Bajaj, ICCC President and India's Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Business said, “The main objective of the mission is to create opportunities for our delegates to expand their business and develop competencies to turn into global entities.”

These meetings will revolve around issue areas pertinent to Canada-India business including:

Automotive Parts              



Food Processing 



Information Technology

Canada India Bilateral Relations

India’s economic transformation - including its impressive GDP growth rate, trade liberalization and grassroots development – comes with both opportunities and challenges.

Launched in 2010, one of the most significant developments for Canada-India bilateral relations is the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA). The CEPA aims to streamline Canada-India economic efforts by negotiating an all-inclusive agreement which covers trade in goods and services, investment, trade facilitation, and related areas of economic cooperation. By removing obstacles to Canada-India economic relations, CEPA will have an important effect on the SME sector, leading to better trade and investment opportunities for Canadian business.

Naval Bajaj | ICCC President

Mr. Naval Bajaj was elected the 25th President of the Chamber in June 2012. He has been associated with the Chamber for the last 3 years, initially as a Director and then as the Vive-President. A Certified Business Consultant at 7-Eleven Canada, Mr. Bajaj is involved in strategic and financial planning. He holds a master of engineering, Master of business administration and Bachelors of Law degrees. Naval has held a number of leadership positions in India such as at IIM, SSM, and Management Association of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce.

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