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National, August 12, 2015

Vadilal Ice Cream’s, thrilling new animated commercial for its kids’ brand Ice Trooper, has been shortlisted at ANIMA, Cordoba International Animation Festival 2015 under the ‘International Promo / Ad’ category and will be screened at the festival from September 10th to 12th.

Conceptualized by THE CO. Ahmedabad, the film features Ice Trooper and five adorable kids hunting for treasure, outwittingstrange creatures and winning goodies. The film promoting the Ice Trooper Treasure Hunt contest, invited customers to collect ice trooper sticks and shared exciting prizes with the winners.

In keeping with the brand’s baseline ‘Be supercool’, the film explores what it really is to be cool. The filmfeatures everything that kids love - a superhero, superpowers, monsters, adventure, and prizes as cool as Ice Trooper’s irresistible range of ice creams. The film has gained a lot of appreciation for its animation and treatment. .

“Children these days are very hard to impress. What doesn’t entertain them, doesn’t interest them. Even though we’re promoting a contest, the film has been treated like a 30 second motion picture. Rather than switching channels when they see the commercial, we wanted kids to tune into the film.’ says Akrita Shrivastava, founder and creative head, The Co.

‘Kids these days start making decisions a lot earlier than we did as kids. By the age of 5 they already have an opinion. They have a lot more influence on their parents’ decisions than we did. That’s why unlike a lot of other kids brands that talk to the parent, we decided to make kids the hero and gave themwhat appeals to them the most, fun and newness.’ says Vishal Surti, President - Sales and Marketing at Vadilal Ice Creams. ‘As expected the film has been appreciated by kids and grownups alike’, he adds.

Like most superheroes that have had to evolve with time, the Ice Trooper has been given several upgrades including a new emblem, a power-packed utility belt and an uber-cool speedboat.The prizes being given away in the contest include iPad minis, wave boards, toy guns and many more exciting giveaways.

"The script had all the elements to make it a fun film. With a brand which is synonymous with ice creams, we had the freedom to approach it in an unconventional manner. When we decided to go ahead with complete animation, we were able to take it a notch higher", says director Ravi Jain.

The film has been produced by Venus Productions and the animation has been done by Prana Studios, which has worked on many international projects including Troy, Planes and Tinker Bell.

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