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Hong Kong-based author, Shobha Nihalani, takes the plunge in a cutting-edge psycho thriller with her fourth release.

Readers will be introduced to an edgy complex plot with distinctly Indian characters. Disturbing undercurrents adds layers to the seemingly ordinary lives of people, definitely a pulling factor where every twist and turn delves deeply into the human psyche.

Published by Hachette, 'Unresolved' is a dark suspenseful story that revolves around a woman's doubts over her own sanity and her suspicions of the true nature of her husband's job. Maya is not sure what to believe. She suspects that her husband is not really a police officer. There is something not quite right, something just under the surface of their marital relationship that causes Maya to he telling her the truth or is it her unstable mind playing tricks?

Her book was launched at the Pune International Literary Festival on 4th September 2015. It was soon after seen as a popular title at major bookstores. A recent review promises 'Unresolved' to be a powerful read.

About the Author: Shobha is adept at writing thrillers. She is the author of Karmic Blues, The Silent Monument, Curse of the Kalingan and Vengeance of the Warrior of the 'NINE' trilogy. She was a freelance journalist for ten years before she turned her hand to fiction. More at

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