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SportzConsult wins the prestigious Chanakya Award for “Entrepreneur of the Year”

Company Brief

Mumbai, 6th March 2017

The team at SportzConsult, India’s No.1 Amateur Sports Management Company is euphoric and overwhelmed after bagging the prestigious Chanakya Award by the Public Relations Council of India (PRCI), for their efforts and achievements in grassroots sports development and marketing. The PR Council of India presented the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award to Jitendra Joshi, Co-Founder and Director, SportzConsult at the PRCI Conclave held at Bengaluru during 3rd – 5th March 2017.

PRCI is a premier non-political and not-for-profit organization for professionals in the fields of public relations, communication, advertising and many other allied services. It has been actively pursuing the spread and popularity of communication and Public Relation in India.

The award comes in as a major acknowledgement and recognition to SportzConsult for their efforts towards transforming India into a sport smart country, by addressing the issues at hand through a number of means including grassroots sports development, sports event management, corporate events and employee engagement. Speaking at the 11th Global PR Summit this year on Grassroots Sports and Role of Communication, Jitendra emphasized on the need for grassroots sports development programs, and its role in the overall sporting ecosystem in India. He also highlighted the massive role that brands and communication professionals need to play to ensure this paradigm shift.

Mr. Joshi, on the occasion said, "We have a dream to make India a sporty nation. The PRCI "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award vindicates the power of our purpose and also reinforces our belief that the efforts are in the right direction. I accept this award on behalf of the team and take this opportunity to thank all our customers and partners."

The grassroots sports market in India is approximately 2400 crores. SportzConsult has conceptualized and managed numerous sports events that have helped marketers and brand managers build an enduring and emotional connect with their target audience. Currently, brands are spending around 300 crores on grassroots sports and this number is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. They also believe that sports has the ability to develop essential skills like discipline, leadership, decision making, teamwork, open-mindedness, and cooperation that are essential in the work force. SportzConsult also works hand-in-hand with companies and brands to achieve their employee engagement objectives through sports and fitness.

With participation in grassroots sports growing rapidly in the past few years, spends in it have also increased and SportzConsult has seen a steady growth in every aspect of grassroots sports. Participation and growth in this field has not just been in cricket but across other sports as well. The belief is that a brand’s budget and spending on the grassroots sports will be directly proportional to the participation in grassroots sports.

The coveted award, will be a major morale booster to the employees at SportzConsult and they hope to continue with their incessant efforts towards imbibing sports into the lifestyle of maximum Indians through multifaceted efforts along diverse sporting disciplines like Corporate Sports, Grassroots Programs, Sports Development, and Consulting.

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