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CleverTap’s Advanced Mobile Marketing Platform is All Set to Empower Growth Marketers at Seamless Asia, 2018

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National, April 25, 2018

CleverTap, the advanced mobile marketing solutions provider, today announced that they will be participating at the Seamless Asia, 2018 event in Singapore. To be held at the Suntec Convention Centre on May 3-4, 2018, Seamless Asia promises to bring together the biggest names in the retail, e-commerce, and digital payments space from across the region - under one roof. Over 6,000 attendees, 150 exhibitors, and 200 speakers are slated to attend the event, as the future of a tech-driven and mobile-first Asia takes shape.

CleverTap will showcase the dynamic capabilities of its data-driven mobile marketing solution suite that empowers marketers to intelligently identify, segment, engage, monetize, and retain users across the entire app user lifecycle. In an extremely competitive ecommerce Southeast Asian market that continues to grow rapidly on the back increasing smartphone penetration, falling data charges, and rising popularity of online payments, building loyal segments of repeat users across both web and app is extremely challenging.

Highlighting the pressing need and underlying significance of an advanced mobile marketing approach relevant to the ecommerce industry, Mr. Anand Jain, Co-founder of CleverTap will also be speaking at the event on May 3 at 10.30AM SGT.

“We are excited to be a part of Seamless Asia, 2018. Our dynamic platform can enable web and app businesses to address diverse use cases that help them eventually drive greater user engagement and retention”, said Anand. He further elaborated, “Southeast Asia is an extremely promising market. We believe that our cutting-edge marketing automation solutions will empower marketers to not just drive top-line revenues, but also contribute towards the socio-economic growth in the region. We look forward to interacting with some of the brightest minds in the business and share our own insights at Seamless Asia, 2018.”

Today, marketers need to embrace the power of AI/ML-driven omnichannel marketing that accounts for user-level behavioral, geographic, and smart device-specific information. This lays the foundation for delivering hyper-personalized, contextual, and timely interactions across channels such as push notifications, in-app messages, email, and/or SMS. Delivering differentiated and satisfactory user experiences at scale help brands create long-term customer relationships.

CleverTap has offices in San Francisco, Mumbai, New York, Los Angeles, London, and Bangalore. For more information, visit the CleverTap website. To see how businesses of all sizes are building more meaningful customer relationships, visit our customers page.

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