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Sunhil Sippy joins Equinox Films

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Equinox Films

National, September 24, 2018

After 18 years as a commercials director, Sunhil Sippy joins Equinox Films this month - with a new creative approach. While he is renowned in the industry for his work in beauty and lifestyle (remember those gorgeous films last year with Kareena, Deepika and Alia?), Sippy has a lesser-known passion: colour and black-and-white street photography. It started as a hobby more than a decade ago, a “reaction to the challenges of creating with high gloss imagery in my day to day work,” says Sippy.

Sunhil Sippy joins Equinox Films
Sunhil Sippy

It was the visceral nature of Mumbai’s gritty, bustling streets that kept his creative fires burning, and he has always been looking for ways to integrate this vison into his film work. Today, his portfolio of street photography from around the world not only helps him stay inspired, but is also informing his work in beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

Sunhil Sippy joins Equinox Films

As he moves into the next phase of his career, Sippy is excited about the creative community at Equinox as well as bringing his raw photographic eye into his advertising work. He feels there has been a shift in the cultural zeitgeist both in India and around the world, and that there is now room for a greater level of “realism” in the world of beauty. Sippy wants to combine the experience he has built over the years with his more candid approach to the streets. “If it goes well,” he laughs, “the combination will bring a greater freshness and exciting mood to categories that have historically been more conservative.”

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Sunhil Sippy joins Equinox Films

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