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New Delhi, March 12, 2019

Headquartered in New Delhi, O3plus is one of India’s most acclaimed skin care companies pioneering in the integrated beauty segment since 2005. The brand belongs to Visage Beauty & Health Care Pvt. Ltd and was founded by Mr. Vineet Kapur. The company is catering to professional beauty salons, stylists, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.

The beauty and wellness industry in India is booming with a tremendous potential for growth. Despite the market having numerous established players in the industry, there are over 50,000 salons across pan India that vouch for O3plus skin care products. They not only deal in professional range of treatments and products but are also offering training programs and education in elevating the status of a beautician into a beauty therapist. With expertise from Italy and Germany, some of the exclusive range of products that have been formulated include:

- Eye Circle Cream

- Volcano Scrub

- Vitamin C Serum

- Brighten up cleanser

- Mattifying Gel Cream

- Night Repair Cream

- DTan Pack; in Blueberry & Cranberry

- Whitening Facial Kit

This has added value and knowledge to the Indian beauty industry, bringing an apparent positive effect in the current scenario. They transformed the beauty industry by generating a lot of employment, hence increasing revenue of the economy. The force behind this major growth has been O3plus amongst other international players, making it the stalwart in this segment. The brand also supports eco friendly practices and has planted thousands of trees around the hills of the Himalayas.

Initiatives by O3plus have created the ideal foundation for beauty to look ahead at a positive future. After having achieved satisfaction in the B2B segment, in 2008 it made its way to retail and home care via salons, accessing the B2C division. Having made a strong base in the salon industry within a span of few years, by 2010 the company had captured the market in other metropolitan cities like Mumbai and went onto expand across South India as well. In 2012, O3plus entered the digital platform by collaborating with e-commerce giant Flipkart, further moving on to Jabong. This helped the brand to reach out directly to their consumers by bringing its products to the customer’s doorsteps.

Eventually, the company joined hands with the renowned platform Amazon in 2015 and then in 2018, collaborated with the top beauty retailer Nykaa, holding the position in the top 3 in skincare. The brand also ventured into the cosmetic industry with 2 sub-categories: Plunge in April 2018 and Pro-Artist. After capturing the market through salons and the digital world, in 2017 they signed an exclusive agreement with Urban Clap (the facial and pedicure category) through which 90% of their products entered the Indian household, increasing brand visibility amongst the end consumers. The same year, O3plus established its first exclusive brand outlet (the EBO’s), in 2 tier cities such as Kanpur, Lucknow and Noida (mall of India) moving towards this experiential division. It has plans to expand in cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi. The brand further would like to expand in Pharma & Medical dermatology. By 2020, the purpose of the brand would be to provide skin consultations through gadgets, monitors, making an AM/PM regimen by covering pan India with their outlets.

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