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Ease Out the Way You Search for Colleges with Collegedunia

Ease Out the Way You Search for Colleges with Collegedunia

Every Year, India notes more than 20 million graduates. Wondering how these students determine which college to choose or which course to opt? With upcoming educational portals, this doesn’t seem like a hard task to do. Google reports that 9 out of 10 students prefer going online to search for higher education courses.

More than 60% of Indians trust the Internet as their first choice for researching about higher education.

How do you choose your college or stream? Asking relatives or friends, aspiring for the top-notch colleges or maybe you opt for the most convenient one. Talking about one of the most preferred streams, Engineering sees 60% of freshmen drop out rate. Overall, an average of 1100 students drops out every year. Why so? The major reason for drop out is the selection of the wrong stream or course. Sounds bad? Hence, choosing the right college and course is key to successful college life.

With nearly 90.7 million visits of all time, is a leading portal to provide information on various colleges, exams, courses and much more.

Ease Out the Way You Search for Colleges with Collegedunia

Along with information on 25,000 colleges, 250 exams, and nearly 11,000 courses, Collegedunia has more than 1,00,000 reviews. From a student’s point of view, reviews offer a comprehensive perspective about college in areas of curriculum, co-curricular, campus life, faculty, placements and alike.

Sahil Chalana, the founder of, says “Back in 2013-14, when I ideated this concept, I aspired to help students find all information related to college, exam or course at a single platform. Also, making their admission process easy would lessen one burden off their shoulders. Hence, we ensure to extend imperative data and have in house education counsellors to help students with their admissions”

The top criteria that influence the student’s decision are Placements (56%), Faculty (49%) and Course Content (48%). The students’ decision also depends on what the alumni think about a particular institute or what the current student has to say. Collegedunia eliminates the dilemma by providing authentic reviews for various colleges.

Collegedunia welcomes nearly 13.79 million unique visitors monthly and caters to their extensive research about any educational sphere.

Ease Out the Way You Search for Colleges with Collegedunia

Evidently, Collegedunia leads in attaining the most number of monthly visits, unique visitors and much more. As the millennial gen is mostly active on mobiles, it is vital for search portals to make their website mobile-friendly. 22% of educational queries are from mobile. Mobile queries are seeing a growth rate of 135%. Astounding? Without a doubt!

“The world is moving at a fast pace. It is the millennial's era, hence we need to optimize our content and design as per the trends. That is why our pages are mobile-friendly, to ease the search process for students” adds Sahil.

The new age of digital experience comes from mobile devices. Thus, making it of the utmost importance for online marketers to ensure the quality of their mobile pages.

Since India is going mobile-friendly, so are our educational portals.

Ease Out the Way You Search for Colleges with Collegedunia

As per SimilarWeb, 84.17% of Collegedunia’s traffic is from mobile. Hence, making it more user-friendly as compared to other portals.

Towards the end, why you should opt for Collegedunia and not others? A well-asked question. Due to its zeal to provide students with their admission solutions and be their personal admission assistant, Collegedunia has unequivocally established itself as the leading educational portal with #74 Country Rank and #19 Category (Science and Education/Education) Rank. (As per Similar Web)

Ease Out the Way You Search for Colleges with Collegedunia

While the Internet is your first choice for higher education research, statistically speaking, Collegedunia has to be your destination for information regarding any educational sphere.

What is Collegedunia?

Established by Sahil Chalana, a BITS Pilani alumnus, in the year 2014, Collegedunia stands on the belief of extending the most authentic and first-hand information about almost every educational prospect. A few years strong, this educational portal is ranked under top 100 portals in India as per Alexa.

With a team size of more than 300 and the average age of 25 years, Collegedunia is all about from the millennials to the millennials.

Collegedunia is running strong on the parameters of offering step by step guide of what college and which course to opt for. It is an extensive search engine providing students, parents, and other players in the education industry with the most comprehensive and informative data on higher education across the globe in dozens of countries. It surely acts as your Personal Admission Assistant and aims at continuing to be so.

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