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Largest Digital News Stand- Readwhere providing the best digital publishing platform to the publishers

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New Delhi, Aug 09, 2019

Readwhere, an end-to-end platform allows publishers across the country to digitize their content and make it available for the masses. In a country of 1.3 billion people, a huge number of the population has now shifted to mobile for fulfilling their content consumption needs. In the technology-driven world where you find a new update every day, publishing content & keeping up with the technology changes is a very costly affair for the publishers. It comes along with resources, time and management cost.

Readwhere, a do-it-yourself publishing platform is a full-fledged solution to all the major problems faced by the publishers. With the mantra ‘digitize, distribute & monetize’, Readwhere enables all size of publishers to publish their content without worrying about the additional costs. For all the publishers who publish free to read content, monetization via display ads is managed by Readwhere in a hassle-free manner. On the other hand, the publishers can also monetize the content via paid subscriptions of their publications.

Since its launch in 2013, Readwhere has managed a strong catalogue of magazines, newspapers, comics and books focusing on the target audience of all genres. Trusted by a plethora of publishers, 3000+ newspapers in 15 languages from 45+ unique locations are published daily on Readwhere.

Readwhere also has magazines & books getting published across various languages & categories which makes it a go-to platform for bibliophiles. In a country where people speaking various languages can be a drawback for publishers, Readwhere uses it as an asset. A vast range of languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati and Kannada are covered. Magazines include some of India's best-known Magazine brands, publishing on categories ranging from News, Bollywood, Entertainment, Health, Art and Architecture, Automotive and many more.

Countless publishers are still looking out for a trustworthy platform where they can publish their content on various devices and allow their readers to buy, subscribe and read anytime. Several doubts and queries such as managing the users, payment gateway integration, branding & promotion are likely to arise. One should not worry as Readwhere’s features will effortlessly take care of all their issues and serve the publishers dealing in various niche.

Let’s take a look at all these features:

Monetizing content with Readwhere is a cakewalk as it provides multiple payment options like debit/ credit cards, net banking etc.

This web-based solution requires a Readwhere account for publishing prepress PDF or ePub files. A publisher can seamlessly enhance digital circulation and distribution of the publication to focus on their potential readers.

Promotion & branding is a vital aspect for a publisher to expand its business. Readwhere takes a step further with its white-labelled solution and helps integration into an existing website. One can run readwhere publisher on their domain with their branding.

Publishers can now distribute content globally & provide a zippy reading experience. Readwhere ensures publication security & global distribution against unauthorized downloading practices.

In an industry where the sky's the limit, it becomes essential for the publishers to know how well they are doing every now and then. With the real-time analytics provided by Readwhere, a publisher can always be aware of all the readers from various geographical regions who are reading and subscribing to their content.

As the horizon expands, publishing multiple drafts and managing multiple tasks every time becomes a hectic task for a single publisher. To resolve this, managing publications & setting up privileges to publish by creating sub-users is taken care of with the analytics & subscribers management. The publisher can divide the tasks like publishing, managing invoices and more to various sub-users.

Readwhere allows publishers to focus on offline content readers in a digital environment. All the readers can read the downloaded and previously read content offline at anytime and anywhere.

Speaking about the progress that Readwhere has made, Mr. Manish Dhingra, CEO & Co-founder of Mediology Software says, “The growth of smartphones and tablets have brought a plethora of opportunities for the publishers. The top publishers in the Indian market have trusted and made the most of Readwhere. We are still focusing on making the publishers across the globe aware of the potential of this platform where branding, security, price handling, comfort in the reading experience of the users and several other key points are taken care of. It feels great to see that the combined efforts made by Readwhere team have been fruitful and every single day we are becoming better than before. We are optimistic that many more publishers will join us on this thrilling ride and easily bridge the gap between them & readers.

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Neha Vasantrao Gore