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Ten Sports Expands Intelsat Capacity to Fuel Programming Growth

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Dubai, 29th May

Ten Sports has signed and implemented a new multiyear deal with global satellite provider Intelsat, and in doing so has increased its transponder capacity by 50%.

Ten Sports had previously leased 18 MHz on Intelsat’s IS-10. The sports channel now beams its channels from 27 MHz on the same satellite.

Chris McDonald, CEO of Taj TV/Ten Sports, stated, “Our business has experienced tremendous international growth over the last few years. I am very pleased to move our portfolio of channels on to the expanded transponder capacity, giving us the ability to launch additional channels across our markets from Australia over to the UK.”

“I am also happy to say that in close coordination with Intelsat and our distribution teams and partners worldwide, we have smoothly and successfully migrated our nearly 10,000 decoders to the new satellite within our dual illumination period.”

“Globalization of media is a significant trend in our business, and it is Intelsat’s goal to assist its media customers in delivering programming in a seamless and operationally efficient manner. Intelsat offers broadcasters the best video neighbourhoods and works closely with its customers to provide the ideal capacity to enable rapid growth,” said Stephen Spengler, Senior Vice President, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific Sales. “We congratulate Ten Sports on the globalization of its programming, and are honoured to support the broadcaster with its business growth.”


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