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Strike the right chord with UTV World Movies and Bombay Elektrik Project

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Delhi, April 07, 2009

Presenting a unique amalgamation of exceptional musical compositions with the world of international cinema, UTV World Movies, in association with Bombay Elektrik Project, bring to you a dazzling night filled with music and movies at the Mumbai Times Café on 9th April, 09. Regaling their audiences with this first-of-its-kind initiative, the event will kick off with the performance of the renowned singer - Gauri J a.k.a Kozmi Cow, followed by the screening of the movie ‘Fados by UTV World Movies.

Revving up the entertainment quotient for the evening, UTV World Movies presentation ‘Fados’ - a magical yet unconventional tour of Portugal as the home of fados: cathartically mournful songs with rhythmic guitar accompaniment, much like the blues in America originated amongst the poor in the 19th century. Through a series of musical vignettes, the audience’s journey through the history of fados, studying its various styles and renditions as it absorbed Brazilian and African influences.

Bombay Elektrik Project is an initiative that promotes cutting-edge artistes and provides them a platform they deserve. The singer Gauri J, a popular face in the musical fraternity, has been recently featured in Rolling Stone Magazine as the Must-Have Artist Gauri’s has already garnered a huge fan base with her mesmeriSing voice, brilliant compositions and original scores. The vibe at any of Gauri’s performances is soulful, cosy and warm. She’s already delivered memorable gigs at famous musical hubs like Hard Rock Cafe, Not Just Jazz, Il Terrazo and the likes and is now set to take centre-stage at Bandra’a Mumbai Times Café.

UTV World Movies, Business Head, Sameer Ganapathy said, "Our aim has always been to reach out to our audiences and ensure that they learn to appreciate the magic the world has to offer through movies. This time our theme was music. To present our offerings with an innovative and unique twist, we associated with Bombay Elektrik Project which provides a deserving stage to some of the best talent in music. The movie, that we have selected for the screening is ‘Fados’, it celebrates slice of world culture by showcasing the origin of music and dance from social environments. Fados claims to have originated from a mixture of African slave rhythms and traditional Portuguese music and the director Carlos Saura, an internationally acclaimed Portuguese director, brings this into focus beautifully, as he constantly does with his films like Flamenco (1995) and Tango (1998) which focus on the music and dance traditions of the Iberian Peninsula."

For further information, please contact:

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