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Star World presents Reaper

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Mumbai, April 08, 2009

Escaped souls from hell. The Devil’s own ‘bounty hunter’ or ‘Reaper’ is on the prowl to put you in your places! From 13 April, tune in every Mon at 10pm for some devilish fun with Reaper only on Star World.

 Star World presents Reaper
This all-new comedy follows Sam Oliver (Bret Harrison, Grounded For Life), a clueless college dropout who works at a hardware store. On his 21st birthday, Sam discovers his parents have been keeping a secret. But nothing can prepare him to know that his parents sold his soul to The Devil before he was born in exchange for his dad’s life. Now Lucifer is collecting on the deal.

The day Sam turns 21, he’s recruited by the Devil as a bounty hunter. Condemned to a living hell, his job is to capture escaped souls from hell and bring them back where they belong. Together with his dim-witted best pal, Bert (Tyler Labine), the two battle some of the most vicious spirits from the underworld.

So tune-in to ‘Reaper’ for some cocky humour and devilish fun starting 13th April at 10pm only on Star World.

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