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Sarkaar Ki Duniya Dekho Aur South Africa Jao

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New Delhi, April 08, 2009

Driving the passion of cricket, Sarkaar Ki Duniya, the reality show on REAL which has added 24 million Indian viewers into the General Entertainment category, now gives its viewers an opportunity to go and cheer the reigning team Rajasthan Royals LIVE in South Africa. Viewers can participate in the contest by watching the reality show ‘Sarkaar Ki Duniya’ and answering simple questions.

 Sarkaar Ki Duniya Dekho Aur South Africa Jao
REAL’s contest Sarkaar Ki Duniya Dekho Aur South Africa Jao! will run between 8th April and 28th April every day during the channel’s reality show, ‘Sarkaar Ki Duniya’. All that the viewers need to do is to watch Sarkaar Ki Duniya and answer one simple multiple-choice question asked during the show. The question will be asked between 10 to 11 p.m. and in the other time bands when the show plays on REAL. The answers can be sent by SMS to 57007. Winners of each episode will be announced after 3 days of the episode. All the winners will get an all-expenses-paid trip to South Africa to watch the Rajasthan Royals matches. Each winner will get a travel package to South Africa, inclusive of all taxes and fringe benefits. The package will include air tickets, accommodation and other travel related arrangements.

Says Vidyuth Bhandary, Head of Marketing, Real Global Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd., "Sarkaar Ki Duniya Dekho Aur South Africa Jao! is designed to give the viewer of Sarkaar Ki Duniya a mega opportunity to follow the champion team Rajasthan Royals, all the way to South Africa. REAL has added over 24 million viewers to the GEC category via Sarkaar Ki Duniya and we believe that this promotion will grow its franchise."

Says Raghu Iyer, Chief Marketing Officer, Rajasthan Royals, "We welcome REAL’s viewers to come to South Africa and watch the mighty Rajasthan Royals defend the title this year as well. Our loyal cricket lovers from India can watch us play LIVE at the stadium and cheer the Royals. Halla Bol."

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