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UTVi cracks ‘THE DEAL’ along with UK Trade and Investment

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Mumbai, April 08, 2009

UTVi in association with UK Trade and Investment brings an exclusive reality game show on mergers and acquisitions, in which Indian firms attempt to acquire a British company. This two part series will be aired on 11th & 12th April. The airing time is 5.30pm on both Saturdays and 6.30 pm on the Sundays respectively. UTVi presents the reality format on business news television and addresses this serious subject of mergers and acquisitions in an engaging yet informative way that is bound to deliver a refreshing viewer experience.

This is yet another path breaking initiative from PULSE- UTVi’s customized solution division. Through this show, UK Trade and Investment along with UTVi provides a firsthand experience of deals cracked by the management and their consultants. The viewers will not only feel the simulated tension and pressure during the race to acquire a British company but will also experience a 360 degree view of mergers from a legal, financial and regulatory perspective.

Sumit Gupta, COO UTVi elaborates, "The two part series will dwell on understanding the role of consultants and advisors in a merger and acquisition scenario and also on what it takes to understand the various concerns attached to the deal. It is yet another fresh format from UTVi that co-creates content and adds a new experience for the business news viewer."

Shantonu Aditya, CEO UTVi adds, "Integration of newer formats and customization of content holds the key to successful messaging. ‘THE DEAL’ is an excellent example of UTVi’s expertise in this space. We look forward to taking such innovations to newer heights."

Watch the teams as they number crunch with their respective legal & financial advisors to present a powerful bid to the management and also take an insider look at how consultants guide the British firm in accepting or rejecting the bid, with no margin for errors.

Tune in to watch the final result of who gets to sign THE DEAL, exclusively on UTVi.

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