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Cosmopolitan tries to woo readers with branded merchandising

Media release, March 31, 2005

New Delhi

Cosmopolitan Magazine with its April Swimsuit Special Issue which will hit stands on Monday, is launching a unique News Stand led Consumer Promotion called “There’s Something in it For You.”

For the next few months enclosed in every issue of Cosmopolitan which is sold off the news stands, there will be a Cosmopolitan branded giveaway.

What is unique about this promotion is that it is not like any other magazine promo in which one gives away freebies or discount coupons. Cosmopolitan goes beyond the ordinary by using Cosmopolitan branded collectible merchandising which strengthens the brand connect with a consumer which then lasts for the long term. The promotion is also unique in that the merchandise in each magazine will be part of a set. To collect an entire set from The Cosmo Collectible Series a person has to necessarily buy Cosmopolitan magazine month after month.

To kick off this activity, the April & May Issues of Cosmopolitan will carry a Special Cosmopolitan Coaster. The June issue will carry two coasters. All 4 together will form part of a set of 4 Cosmo Collectible Coasters. This promotion will run in 20 selected cities to start off with.

Since its launch in India 8 years ago, Cosmopolitan has garnered almost 2 lakh readers in the country and has emerged as a leader in its category. It is the bible for fashion, beauty, relationships, career and trends for the young Indian woman. It is a big sister, best friend, cheerleader and agony aunt for millions of young women around the World who want to be the very best in every sphere of their life. Cosmo covers all the topics close to a woman's heart and trends, beauty, relationships and sex, people, health, careers, travel, food, opinions and emotional issues.

Cosmopolitan is published in 26 languages and sold in more than 100 countries in the world making it the largest-selling young women's magazine worldwide.

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