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Hallmark Channel launches a new series Who's the Boss

Media release, March 31 2005

New Delhi

Hallmark Channel, the only complete family general entertainment Channel, has added yet another feather to its cap by enhancing its already varied bouquet of offerings. The channel will launche a new series Who's the Boss

Being a father is tough; being a single father is even tougher. One who doubles, as a live‑in housekeeper is tougher still? But handling these responsibilities in a household where your boss is also your best friend makes up for it...on WHO'S THE BOSS?

Tony’s world was turned upside down when an injury forced his early retirement from major league baseball, and his beloved wife passed away. So Tony was determined to put his life back on track and prove he could earn a living and raise his daughter, Samantha, like any other loving, conscientious parent. Coincidentally, Angela was having problems of her own in suburban Connecticut. A high‑powered advertising executive, she was leading a frenetic life ‑‑ too chaotic to simultaneously pursue a career, run a household and properly raise her son, Jonathan. Therefore, her mother Mona arranges Tony as a housekeeper, cook, nanny and role model in the Bower household.

Living under the same roof, the relationship of two single and attractive adults, Tony and Angela goes well beyond employer/employee.

Now the only real question remaining in the Bower household is determining WHO'S THE BOSS?

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