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Zee News announces ‘Swine Flu’ awareness drive

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New Delhi, August 17, 2009

'Ghabrayein Nahin, Test Karwaayein’

To allay the fear among the public on 'Swine Flu', Zee News has announced its public awareness campaign ‘Ghabrayein Nahin, Test Karwaayein’. Continuing with its caravan of providing credible and researched content, the campaign is aimed at educating viewers about symptoms, preventive measures and dispelling various myths associated with Swine Flu.

Kick started early this week, the channel has been airing special stories and programming capsules to impart information about the sickness. Zee News is also inviting renowned doctors, turnaround patients, medical students and professors to come forward and advise their co-citizens that there is no need to panic for a curable disease.

Zee News announces ‘Swine Flu’ awareness drive
As a part of this unique awareness drive, Zee News also supported a seminar of 'Top Educators' of Delhi on August 12, 2009. The forum witnessed participation by 35 leading school principals, key practitioners from the field of Paediatrics, Immunobiology and Communicable diseases, who enlightened people with their in-depth knowledge about the disease. This seminar was organized by Orange Cross, India’s leading healthcare and wellness Management Company.

In addition to the analytical discussions on the cause and the subject, Zee News is also requesting people not to queue up at the hospitals just for a check up; they must watch out for the symptoms carefully and hospitals should be approached only when required.

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