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Business Standard launches 'The Satyam Saga'

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New Delhi, August 17, 2009

Seasoned Business Standard journalists trace the maze and connect the dots of what has turned out to be India’s biggest corporate scam. The authors go behind the scenes to provide a comprehensive account of all that transpired. They spoke to Ramalinga Raju’s family, colleagues, clients and teachers to get the true picture of the man behind the business, the philanthropy and, unfortunately, the scam.

Business Standard launches 'The Satyam Saga'
This book is not a compilation of Business Standard’s reporting on the scam over months, exemplary though it has been. Rather, it is a specially commissioned volume put together with the aim of presenting the unfolding events in their proper perspective and in a comprehensive manner. Hence, it is more than just a sequence of events. While prudently unravelling the story and tracing the crisis management scenario, The Satyam Saga also examines issues of corporate governance, regulatory loopholes and remedies, and the larger repercussions of a dream which threatened to go sour.

As a comprehensive volume that deals with what is India’s biggest scam to date, this book provides valuable lessons to all stakeholders in corporate India.

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