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TV TOKYO expands its international program sales activities

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Tokyo, August 17, 2009

In an effort to further expand its international program sales activities, TV TOKYO Corporation ("TV TOKYO") of Japan have announced distribution of their new drama series "No Angel No Luck", which currently broadcast to wide-acclaim in Japan.

TV TOKYO expands its international program sales activities
A remake of the mega hit drama series of the same name in 1979, "No Angel No Luck" combines good looking characters with humorous dialogue. The show continues to receive great ratings since launch and is particularly popular among viewers in the 20- 40 age bracket. The new version also features upcoming "IKEMEN" (pretty boy) young actors who already have a strong fan base in Japan.

The drama will also be adapted for a theatrical release in Tokyo during the summer holiday, with the same cast.

TV Tokyo will showcase the drama to international buyers officially at the upcoming MIPCOM in October, however, have already received strong interest from TV stations and distributors in Asia.

Worldwide distribution of the show is handled by Total Sports Asia K.K., Asia’s leading sports and entertainment marketing company.

For further information, please contact:

Total Sports Asia

Chung See Liang

Mobile: +81 3-5777-0033