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Outdoor Today announces OAC 2005

Media release, April 11, 2005

New Delhi

Outdoor Today, India’s only magazine on outdoor advertising, has announced the launch of an annual convention exclusively for the Outdoor Advertising community in the country. The two-day event, Outdoor Advertising Convention (OAC 2005), would bring together experts from the industry in India and abroad, to address issues of relevance and would culminate in an Awards Ceremony.

Explains Vasant Jante, Publisher, Outdoor Today, “Outdoor Advertising is no longer just a ‘brush & paint’ medium. In fact, the medium has seen resurgence the world over and is also being touted as the last broadcast medium. When we launched Outdoor Today in 2002, the objective was to provide a forum for the Outdoor industry that is growing at a healthy 10%. OAC 2005 is the next logical step in that direction.”

OAC 2005, to be held in Mumbai on June 10th & 11th, will comprise a series of interactive seminars addressed by thought leaders from India and abroad. The delegates would comprise all interest groups in the industry including media planning & buying agencies, advertising agencies, outdoor specialists, outdoor concessionaires, regulatory authorities, research agencies etc. The speakers at OAC 2005 would address the entire range of issues that are of relevance to the industry, including research, regulation, innovation, technology, creativity etc. The two-day event would culminate in an awards ceremony to recognise exceptional creative executions on the outdoor medium - another first for the industry.

Says Jante, “The Awards would honour creative efforts by product / service category. The Awards would also recognise enterprising and innovative outdoor media owners, a community that is vital to the industry but has not had any platform for recognition so far. The Awards would be adjudicated by a distinguished jury comprising eminent professionals from advertising and marketing.”

The event is also being supported by the recently constituted Indian Outdoor Advertising Agencies’ Association (IOAAA), an association of all specialist agencies in the country.

Says Rathnakar Rai, Managing Director, Primetime-IP Media Services and spokesperson for the IOAAA, “There are many benefits that can accrue to the industry with an event like OAC 2005. At a primary level, the industry takes a high-ground position. More significantly, when the industry comes there can be knowledge enhancement and increased camaraderie among the constituents and stakeholders that can lead to dialoguing for industry improvements.”

Specialist agencies currently account for over 60% of the outdoor spends in the country and have been largely instrumental in bringing a semblance of order to a medium considered disorganized for long.

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