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94.3 MY FM commences 2011 with its 11 songs every hour promise and much more for its listeners

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New Delhi, January 7, 2010

94.3 MY FM, in yet another pioneering and ebullient venture, keeps up with its brand philosophy of 'Jiyo Dil Se' with its beguiling activity 'Iss Ghante….11 Ganne Nahi… toh 11 lakh aapke'. The activity that began on January 1, guarantees to play 11 songs every hour. It befits a concealed benefit for the listeners entailing that if the radio station does not play 11 songs every hour then the listener who notices the same, wins a whopping amount of 11 lakh rupees, every hour.

94.3 MY FM commences 2011 with its 11 songs every hour promise and much more for its listeners
Apart from the ongoing fiesta, MY FM is known for consistently playing music according to the predilection of its listeners, which it also promises to attest through this activity. Making this activity larger than life, MY FM is also giving a chance to its listeners to win 943 rupees across all shows, during the day. The caller needs to recall which was the third or the fourth song that was played during that hour and the correct answer gets him/her 943 rupees.

Moreover, to add on to the exuberance MY FM has gone all out with an amalgamation of on ground and on air bustle to engage its listeners with fun filled activities and thereby further augmenting their connect with them. As part of the on ground activities, MY FM RJ's will play an 11 song antakshari with the listeners to underpin their 11 song pledge and frontrunners will be adorned with MY FM merchandise. Partakers will also be given 11 alphabets by the RJ's during the contest, and the contender who is able to sing a song from each of the letter wins a prize. Additionally, listeners will be asked to count from 1 - 11 and whosoever makes a 'mistake' of saying MY FM instead of 11, will be presented with a reward.

Furthermore, a lot of other on ground activities will be held at the main catchment areas including all major malls, amusement parks and societies where MY FM will place their canters to engage and communicate with maximum spectators. On weekends, MY FM will block all the key malls to host these activities. Besides all the on air activities MY FM RJ's will also prompt visitors at the malls to eat samosas, pastries, ice-creams or consume vodka, beer, tequila shots all in the ratio of 11 and who ever finishes first will be felicitated with an accolade. Within 6 days of its instigation, MY FM has

already affianced more than 500 people in this mammoth commotion. Not leaving any stone unturned, MY FM has also initiated the Sandwich Man placard activity wherein 3 MY FM promoters are placed at the main crossings of the cities to ignite the curiosity amongst passer by's about the 'Iss Ghante….11 Ganne Nahi… toh 11 lakh aapke' promotion from January 4th - 9th, 2011.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Harrish M. Bhatia, CEO, 94.3 MY FM said, "94.3 MY FM is known to be a listeners radio station. All our activities and initiatives are aimed at further strengthening our bond with them. Through this activity, we aim to give our listeners the ultimate musical experience and spread the spirit of Jiyo Dil Se by offering then more of their favourite music all through the day. This is just another initiative preordained to thank our listeners for their unconditional love and allegiance that they have showered on us all through these years."

This promotion will be carried out at six main stations of MY FM including Chandigarh, Bhopal, Indore, Jaipur, Raipur and Nagpur and will culminate on February 7, 2011. So, what are you waiting fo'Iss Ghante….11 Ganne Nahi… toh 11 lakh aapke'r, tune into MY FM to experience this exquisite activity and Jiyo Dil Se, Suno Dil Se aur Jeeto Dil Se.

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