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Will it be in or out on UTV Bindass' Love Lockup

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Mumbai, January 7, 2010

On the very first episode of Love Lockup, Lekha Mehta and Ranjay Kumar, is a couple who has been in a relationship for almost 3 years now and have had their Roka as well. With time changed their love and so grew the problems between this couple.

Will it be in or out on UTV Bindass' Love Lockup
The couple meets with the host, Pravesh Rana in the Lockup and are asked by him if they are engaged, Lekha agreed and Ranjay disagrees. Lekha and Ranjay break into an argument which only comes to an end when Pravesh intervenes. When asked by Pravesh, Ranjay replies that the main problem in the relationship is Lekha's weight due to which he feels embarrassed. Lekha retaliated by saying although all her friends and family think he is not good enough for her, she is still with him. She also mentions to Pravesh that Ranjay's family has demanded dowry, something her family is totally against. There is also a fleeting mention of Ranjay's involvement with another woman which according to Lekha is causing all the issues, as her weight was the same earlier as well and now suddenly Ranjay seems to have an issue with it. Pravesh post this heated discussion locks the couple in the Love Lockup. Their friends are watching the couple from the viewing room throughout their stay and also be put into the lock up at some point of time. On the other side the couple continues to argue and Ranjay asks for an exercise bike for her work outs. The next day Lekha receives an exercise bike, Ranjay asks her to work out. Lekha tries her best but not having done enough as per Ranjay, they end up fighting yet again.

After breakfast the next day, Lekha is working out while in the viewing room, the couple's friends break out into arguments. Lekha's friends say that Ranjay is making unrealistic demands; his friend says that she's lazy and has no drive. To calm things down in the lock up, the couple is given an intimacy game but soon another argument erupts where Lekha's style of dressing is topic. Lekha is exhausted from working out and fatigued from all the arguments, falls ill. A doctor is sent who diagnosed that Lekha is just drained out. Post this, the couple meets the couple therapist Sayyeda Rukhsheeda, who gives them a personality quiz and tries to discuss their core issues and solutions with both. While Lekha is receptive, Ranjay continues to argue and being very defensive.

Next day begins with Lekha's allegation on Ranjay's family by saying that they have extremely low standards and do not have basic hygiene and social manners. Ranjay tries to defend his family and another allegation plays that has him saying Lekha can't cook or be a good wife. As arguments ensue Lekha confessed to Ranjay that she is depressed. She feels so because of his constant poking and jibes that she is in this state and Ranjay denies. Lekha's friends Ashish, Siddharth and Hardeep and Ranjay's friend Shashi go into the lock up and say really nasty things about the other.

The new day starts with Vidya Balan entering the lock up to visit the couple. She tries to understand their problems and is amazed to see that inspite of all the hurt Ranjay has caused Lekha she still wants to be with him. Vidya tries telling Ranjay to be less critical of Lekha. Vidya boosts Lekha's confidence by letting her know that she is a pretty intelligent girl who really needs to stand up for herself. Lekha's mother also comes in and soon breaks down and Vidya consoles her and soon bids goodbye asking them to decide wisely.

Soon after all the friends enter again, many arguments and fights take place essentially about an affair Ranjay has had in the past. After the friends leave the couple has a session with the couple therapist, which seems to move a little towards the positive. It is followed by a romantic dinner where Lekha and Ranjay do actually seem to realize the worth of their relationship

To know the final verdict, is it in or is it out, watch Love Lockup, Monday to Thursday, 7 p.m., January 10th, 2011 only on UTV Bindass.

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