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NewsX Special: In Conversation with Rajesh & Nupur Talwar

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Mumbai, January 7, 2011

This weekend on 'In Conversation with Saeed Naqvi', NewsX will telecast a special interview with the Rajesh & Nupur Talwar, the parents of late Aarushi Talwar.

NewsX Special: In Conversation with Rajesh & Nupur Talwar
The recent debacle of the CBI in the murder case that shocked the nation, blames the parents for the murder. However due to lack of evidence, both standard and circumstantial, CBI asked for a closure of the case. This again put the story of the Talwars in the forefront.

In a candid interview with NewsX, Nupur Talwar spoke on speculations about them being termed as a 'swinging couple' stating "We have heard that. Its beyond our imagination. All I can say is those who have invented this are probably party to all this. We are the most homely kind of people. I don't think there has been anyone homelier than us". Rajesh Talwar too spoke his mind and voiced his suggestion to the CBI Director saying "I would tell him, let's get more scientific on this. Like the touch DNA test. It is done very commonly abroad and I have been asking for it for more than one and a half years"

Watch this special episode to know the other side of the story of the truth of Aarushi Talwar's murder, the stigma of being in a trial by media, and whether they are being made real scapegoats in what seemed to be a failure of the CBI to nab the real culprits. All this and more, on 'In conversation' with the Talwars.

Telecast details: Saturday, 8th January , 2011 at 10 PM

Repeat : Sunday, 9th January , 2011 at 12.30 PM

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