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Radio Mirchi organises ‘Mirchi Tambola’ for Ahmedabad listeners

Media release, August 4


This monsoon its raining numbers in Ahmedabad. Radio Mirchi, Ahmedabad made the city dance to its tunes with ‘Mirchi Tambola’.

The event was organized by Mirchi Activations. With an audience of almost 5 lakh listeners involved in playing the game, Mirchi Tambola can possibly lay claim to be the largest Tambola Game in India.

Tambola tickets were sent to listeners through newspaper inserts and SMS downloads. Numbers were announced On-air every alternate hour and winners were announced the following hour. An unprecedented level of interactivity was seen between the listeners and Radio Mirchi.

Mirchi Tambola was on-air from 25th – 31st July. 31st July was the Bumper Tambola wherein prizes worth lakhs are given to winners.