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Dirty picture gets dirtier

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Mumbai, May 18, 2012

Comments and controversies surrounding The Dirty Picture never seem to end! And now, with the film scheduled for a re-make in Bengal and down South, the news just gets buzzier! Not surprisingly, it’s Vidya Balan who is once again in the middle of the entire hullabaloo.

Dirty picture gets dirtier
Comparing the very outspoken and seductive Veena Malik, who will play Silk Smita in the South Indian remake, to the emotional “drama-queen” Rakhi Sawant who will star in the Bengali version of the film, the original “Silk” Vidya revealed that she thinks Rakhi will do a much better job than Veena and if given a choice she would rather watch Rakhi’s version over Veena’s! Rakhi Sawant will surely be happy to receive at least some kind of appreciation from the Bollywood industry. So with Rakhi and Veena, will The Dirty Picture get dirtier?

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