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Author Abhinav Pandey debuts with his Maiden book "9 Don'ts to Success"

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Mumbai, December 9, 2013

Abhinav Pandey has launched his debut literary work “9 Don'ts to Success” recently.

‘9 Don'ts to Success’ talks about the complexity of the brighter and darker side of life and how we can assist each of the sides to maintain a balance within our lives which can help us cultivate ourselves and attain success in life.

The book celebrates the strength and courage of life. The author has very closely observed the characteristics of human beings and was awestruck knowing the fact that if at all humans know how to craft equilibrium between their negative and positive sides, there would be no stopping in their way to achieving success.

Commenting on the launch of his book Mr. Abhinav Pandey said, "This book explores the most commonly denied and shied away traits and habits of people and presents them in a new light and provides the readers with non-conventional ways of achieving success in life."

Grapevine India, the publisher of the book, said, "The book mainly targets that part of the youth who is struggling with their examinations, scores and first generation entrepreneurs. The market is currently flooded with commercial fiction books and a self-help book can certainly be a breather for them."

Mr. Rohit Gore, a well-known author of the bestselling titles like: 'Focus, Sam', 'A Darker Dawn', 'Circle of Three' and 'The Guardian Angels' was excited on the launch of the book and remarking on the concept of the book he said, "Amazing. The idea of doing things that no one tells us to seems a lot tempting now. A true eye-opener!”

‘9 Don'ts to Success’ deep dives into the real life examples as to how there can exist a balance within the human ecosystem to churn out the positives of any situation and deal courageously with the negative aspects. The book emphasizes on the fact that showing acceptance and being experimental in life can yield great results which are of tremendous value. The spirit of being adventurous is always rejoiced.

Name of the Book: 9 Don'ts to Success

Genre: Self -Help

Author: Abhinav Pandey

Publisher: Grapevine India

Date of Release: 23rd Nov, 2013

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