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Twine Digital - an answer to integrated digital requirements of agencies & brands

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National, January 17, 2014

Another industry stalwart Bharat Wadhwa has taken the entrepreneurial route to start Twine Digital- a digital marketing solution company to provide the 360 degree digital integrated offerings to agencies and clients. He sees a colossal opportunity in connecting all the campaigns digitally for engaging the target audience and covering the last mile.  He believes in integrating all the digital channels together and speak one word to achieve the brands objective. Bharat has has worked with Flytxt BV, Omnicom Media Group, Tech Mahindra, DraftFCB, Dalal Street Journal etc.

Twine Digital, possesses a strong hold on digital marketing and offers various kind of offerings for branding, performance on both internet (including social media) and mobile domain. Their experts have proven record of delivering complex campaigns on national and international levels on CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI etc. In a short span, Twine Digital has executed innovative campaigns on mobile starting from mobile app install, app creation, engagement on social media, and lead generation for various clients. Twine Digital works very closely with advertising agencies on their brief and strategies campaigns to reach the right audience at right time and right place. They constantly look for ideas to connect, advertise and engage their audience via Internet and mobile. Twine Digital enables local businesses to turn online action into sales opportunities - by targeting qualified customers with pertinent marketing messaging through extensive digital campaigns that are comprehensive, encompassing online search and display to mobile, video, and social media platforms. (for further info log on to

Who are your clients?


We are serving many of the top bliss corporate operating in the service industry, entertainment, travel, e-commerce, sports, fashion, finance, education, information technology, healthcare, ticketing, publishing and immigration.

What was reason behind setting it up?


The objective behind setting up Twine Digital is to fill the existing gaps in providing integrated digital solutions to the clients and growing the ecosystem.  The Twine Digital sees a colossal opportunity in connecting all the campaigns digitally for engaging the target audience and covering the last mile.  We strongly believe in providing innovative solutions to clients and exploring the full potential of digital marketing as a rapidly growing communication and advertising field in India. With their multi-channel exposure, Twine Digital team is able to integrate best of advertising strategies from different domains into pushing the digital marketing in India to the next level. 

What is your future plans?


We will be offering location based contextual targeting and anti targeting on mobile solutions to facilitate brands reach out to the masses and engage them with one-brand communication. We plan to help brands target the backwoods where broadband penetration is still equivocal.

We look forward to enhance our cross-channel targeting which is being driven by our industry specialists and their extensive expertise in precise targeting and optimization capabilities.

What areas will you discover?


We will be extensively using our digital communication expertise in analytics to serve the consumers as per their inclination and preferences.

For further information, please contact:

Twine Digital

Bharat Wadhwa

Mobile: +919810328250 


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