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Divya Marathi redefines ‘Independence of Thinking’ of readers

Media Brief

National, December 08, 2016

‘Divya Marathi’ is the flagship Marathi publication of ‘Dainik Bhasakar’ group. To reinforce its stand on being independent, and promote independent thinking, ‘Swatantra Vichar’ (Independent thoughts) campaign has been recently launched the entire Maharashtra. The campaign was brought to life by Elixir Integrated Brandcomm Pvt Ltd along with the publication.

News of today are really all about higher readership/viewership. In the race towards higher TRPs and better records over the rivals, news in India are dramatised, spiced up, and misrepresented as per convenience. The sufferers of this are the readers, who get influenced by such manipulated news and thus form a lot of incorrect opinions. This is where their independent thinking takes a hit. The situation in Maharashtra isn’t different than this.

Girish Agarwal, Director, Dainik Bhaskar Group, said, “Through our ‘Swatantra Vichaar’ campaign we aim to establish the paper as Maharashtra’s only independent newspaper that helps its readers think independently. Our newspaper champions independent thinking across its pages without any shades of influence”

This campaign breaks many stereotypes and promotes independent thinking. The campaign has kicked off with a 360-degree integrated plan including a complete mix of print-ads, innovative trade-mailers, outdoor ads in selected cities, and a series of radio spots. The campaign was launched with OOH teasers on many important places with more focus on Aurangabad, Nagpur and Nashik. The teasers were put forward with powerful rhyming sentences from Divya marathi’s reader’s perspective – ‘Vichar maze swatantra, swatantra maze vruttapatra’ (My thoughts are independent, just like my newspaper), ‘Satyache yatharth chitra, swatantra maza vruttapatra’ (The exact reflection of truth, my independent newspaper), ‘Parivartanache prabhavi shastra, swatantra maze vruttapatra’ (The effective weapon of change, my independent newspaper).

Mr. Vinay Maheshwari, SVP-Sales and Market Development and Brand Marketing, Dainik Bhaskar Group, said, “Our ‘Swatantra Vichaar’ campaign is in line with our brand proposition of delivering cutting edge content for our readers. Reader centric content has been integral to this campaign and we have made sure to keep it intact.”

Once the campaign got going, the key message and the rationale behind it was revealed in all adverts (newspaper, outdoor, etc.). To strengthen the campaign, a rigorous series of radio spots has also been running in all the target areas. The radio spots have been innovatively created to target the readers’ minds about importance of independent thinking.

Along with all this hype, a TVC for this campaign is also making rounds on leading Marathi Channels such as IBN Lokmat, Zee 24, ABP Majha, etc. This TVC focuses on how news is manipulated and goes through various layers of tortures that happen to change it completely. Only then, it reaches the readers. The clip opens with news being smilingly born and starting its journey. It then goes through various hardships and manipulations as it makes its way to the readers. The video stresses on the fact that how the important elements of news are cut off and only beneficial things reach the newspaper. At the end, it comes up with a strong sentence, ‘The time has come for independent thinking, the time has come for Divya Marathi’ which showcases how Divya Marathi is completely against such manipulation and biases and the last frame comes up with a roll of Divya Marathi newspaper and ends with the claim – ‘Maharashtra’s only independent newspaper’.

You can check the TVC below:

The campaign is also pushing forward social media messages (whatsapp), digital campaign, and on-ground activation; the results of which have been generating positive response in the entire Maharashtra.

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Ganesh Gadakh