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Saral Jeevan goes to Village Kitchens for a new program

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Saral Jeevan

National, September 04, 2018

Saral Jeevan, the 1st infotainment channel in Kannada, launches new programs today. While a program is based on village kitchens, another program is capturing real stories of poor making living on urbane streets. A program based on yesteryear comedians from the Kannada silver screen also goes on air in the prime time. Saral Jeevan has been known for non-fiction programming with a focus on mythology, history, travel and insights from Indian heritage & culture. By being away from both News & GEC channels, Saral Jeevan has created its own niche space among Kannada TV viewers.

Hallimane Aduge (The Village Kitchens):

The program revisits olden days of authentic cooking with clay pots & firewood. The flavours of South Indian dishes are prepared by village women in the backdrops of beautiful farmlands. The program also captures the essence of picturesque Karnataka village life in every episode. Every day: 12.30pm & 5.30pm.

Olithu Madu Manusya (Joy of Giving):

They are unprivileged, old and struggling to meet the ends. They find petty business as mode of survival in urbane streets. The small vendors, cobblers, and old women selling flowers on the footpaths...the list goes on. Saral Jeevan reporter visits them, picks up a friendly conversation, understands their life, and at the end gives them what might bring smile on their face for a day. Money, blankets, a meal etc. the whole emotional narration is captured through a hidden camera. All days: 7.55am & 7.25pm. Sunday: 9pm.

Belliparade (Silver screen)

Popular program, Belliparade is back with new series. The focus in this season is the comedians. The program goes back to golden period of Kannada Cinema, the early 70’s to late 90’s era; and presents real life stories behindthe reel life, the insights and unforgettable incidents. Mon – Fri 8:30pm.

“Betterment of Mankind is Saral Jeevan’s core message and positioning statement. THE JOY OF GIVING program is with an objective of encouraging viewers to develop a habit of giving & sharing. Small Or big; true happiness comes from helping poor, we intent to spread this message” says Dr. Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji, Chairman, CG Parivar Group.

“Primary content of Saral Jeevan has been inspired by India and it’s glorious past. Cooking is one area that we always wanted to present in a different perspective. Village Kitchens not only presents the healthy food from clay pots, it also presents the true Indian village lifestyle. We are sure that Kannada viewers will like the new kind of cookery show” says Raghunatha Reddy, Business Head of Saral Jeevan.

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