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Indore Ranks First Followed By Lucknow in’s ‘My City My Pride’ Liveability Index

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Mumbai, November 15, 2018– the Hindi news and information website of Jagran New Media has announced the findings of its city liveability survey under their citizen connect initiative – ‘My City, My Pride’. The survey was undertaken in conjunction with KPMG as the Process Advisors & Evaluators and International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ) as the Knowledge Partner. Facebook has partnered this initiative as a presenting sponsor and have supported the program by promoting citizen led communities, where issues pertaining to each city are raised and solved.

The campaign was launched to measure and drive development of cities in an interactive way through public participation. With growing development, rapid industrialization and influx of people, there was a need to quantify the liveability of emerging cities and take timely corrective actions. The key objective of the campaign was to produce data driven insights that will help raise citizen awareness and generate ideas of change through collaboration leading to an actionable plan for development of cities.

During the first stage, the program invited citizens to score their respective cities across five fundamental pillars - health, infrastructure, economy, education and safety. The survey was conducted both online and offline across 10 cities. A total of 14,630 people participated in the survey (online and offline-physical survey combined) out of which 13805 were considered for the computation of the liveability score. These scores were analysed by KPMG (Registered) as Process Advisors & Evaluators along with Jagran’s editorial teams.

In the next phase of the campaign, the survey findings were shared at round table conferences conducted across the 10 cities with government bodies and influencers. During these meet-ups the findings around each pillar were discussed to find workable solutions towards the identified problems presented in the report. During this stage, 90 round table conferences were held across the 10 cities with participation from 1173 influencers and resulted into 545 ideas/solutions being shared collectively.

Out of the 545, 11 solutions per city were shortlisted and announced during forums held across the 10 cities, attended by citizens, civic authorities and ministers.

The campaign will culminate with monthly roundtables held across cities to review the solutions implemented across the 5 pillars.

Commenting on the initiative campaign, Ms. Apurva Purohit, President, Jagran Prakashan Ltd. said, “In our organisation, we firmly believe that change begins at home and media houses can play a pivotal role in driving it. Through this campaign, we decided to collaborate with the government and other civic bodies to inititate change in the required sectors of each of the emerging cities. With ‘My City My Pride’, we aim to build the cities of tomorrow with active participation of the citizens. The survey conducted in conjunction with Facebook and KPMG (Registered) as Process Advisors & Evaluators is a perfect example of Public Private Partnership model and it has been a stupendous success.”

Mr. Bharat Gupta, CEO Jagran New Media said, “We place a strong emphasis on generating content through data driven journalism in order to generate content that is credible. It’s our responsibility to drive conversations on topics that are most pertinent to our readers. This campaign has helped us do that. Basis the findings, we have and will be tweaking the content to focus more on topics and themes most relevant for the people of these cities.”

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