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IAA’s Retrospect and Prospects, an eye-opener by Neil George of Nivea

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National, June 28, 2019

IAA Retrospect & Prospects, from the International Advertising Association (IAA) stable, is an event focused on a review of Marketing & Communication in the year that was. The platform also aims at crystal-ball gazing the future trends and what to expect in this ever changing world of consumer demand.

“Marketing communication as a concept has dramatically evolved in the past few years. This evolution (and sometimes revolution) is being driven massively by a combination of new technology and media platforms, rapid increase in penetration of smarter devices through which consumers are consuming media and entertainment, dramatic decline in data usage costs and the significant shift of content production away from the traditional production houses to new age content producers like Netflix and entertainment superstars. Marketers and advertisers are rapidly changing their ways in which they target, reach, engage and retain consumers – much more differently than the traditional way of mass advertising and large scale distribution of their brands. The world is entering a very exciting era of voice search led brand engagement and purchases, even better quality of content development, emergence of even more sophisticated media platforms and the rapid move towards the holy grail of marketing - mass scale personalization of brand messaging”. Says Neil George, Managing Director for Nivea India, keynote speaker at the event.

2018 Retrospect - Neil shared some wonderful ads and films to raise certain questions as to whether Hope was restored? Trust regained? Real stories- romanticized? and more.

2019 Prospects - Neil proposes - Brands that stand for specific purpose or are consumer centric will flourish, a big shift will be due to the voice search era, mass personalization @scale, great storytelling , sinless consumption, two big battles between Netflix vs Disney and Amazon vs Google and above all the rise of Professional Photographer Boyfriends – Pro Fo Bos @instagram.

Says Partho Dasgupta, CEO, BARC India, “Initiatives like IAA Retrospect & Prospects helps create an easy platform for all thought leaders and industry veterans to influence and lead conversations. It acts as a catalyst for building an ecosystem that is open to conversation and shared learnings. A dynamic setting such as this not only augments understanding and awareness but also facilitates interaction with the best known industry professionals and stalwarts all under one roof. It was an extremely insightful evening with Mr. Neil George leading from the front on the flows of the past and future of the MarCom industry. I would personally like to take this opportunity and thank him for his invaluable knowledge that he shared with all of us present.”

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