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Madurai Women have a Gala Time at Aval Jolly Day, reader engagement event

Press Release

Vikatan Group

National, July 15, 2019

The women of Madurai gathered in large numbers at Lakshmi Sundaram Hall on 30th June 2019 to participate in Aval Jolly Day, a reader connect event of Aval Vikatan Magazine.

Over 900 Women and children from various age groups took part in all the events in large numbers. The enthusiasm shown was extremely overwhelming for the Aval Vikatan Magazine as well as our brand partners. It was great testimonial for Aval Vikatan magazine that our readers gathered in large numbers and their whole hearted participation. Various on-stage and off-stage events like Singing, Dancing, Mono Acting and many more were conducted to provide a day of entertainment and fun for women.

Aval Jolly Day, Madurai event was successful in roping in as many as six brands for such as Medimix, Sri Jayaprabha Jewellers(Madurai based Jewellery Brand), Gold Winner, Nippon Paint, Krishna Instant Foods and BrainOBrain, which not only aided in direct reach with their TG, but also boosted their opportunities for brand engagement. The Clients were extremely happy at the brand engagement and integration opportunities facilitated by the Vikatan Team.

With the help of on-stage brand integration, some of our brand partners interacted well with their potential customers. These interactions proved extremely useful for the brands as the on-stage brand integrations were in front the live audience of over 900 women. For example, some women were invited to wear exquisite & precious jewellery made by Sri Jayaprabha Jewellers while the audience were requested to guess the weightage (grammage) of these jewels. This offered a unique touch and feel factor, while audience were in rapt attention admiring the jewellery pattern, craftsmanship of the brand at the same time evaluating the grams and cost of the displayed jewellery.

Medimix and Nippon Paint decided to use the opportunity to convey to their potential customers about their products through TVCs and later conducting a quiz based on that. Gold Winner and Sri Jayaprabha Jewellers also conducted a Lucky Draw contest.

NS Easwaran, CSO, Vikatan Group said ' For us, Aval Jolly day is not only a reader engagement activity but also a platform for our brand partners to engage with our audiences. Aval Jolly day, now has become a part of our annual calendar, with the whole hearted participation of over 950 women even today goes to prove the brand pull, readership & reach of Aval Vikatan Magazine in Tamilnadu. Aval Vikatan provides an ambient advertisement opportunity thru Print and ON-ground reach for national brands that are looking at a last-mile connect with their women TG. Our Team will be more than happy to work-out captivating brand Integration opportunities'.

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