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Watch out for the 10th season of “The Amazing Race” on AXN

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MUMBAI, September 18

AXN the pioneer of action and adventure presents the exciting new season of the Emmy award winning reality series “The Amazing Race”. The tenth season of “The Amazing Race” premieres on Monday, 18th September, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. with a special one and a half hour show.

The tenth season of “The Amazing Race” will turn out to be the most exciting and competitive so far, with 12 teams this time to raise the stakes. In a true celebration of diversity, contestants include the first-ever Muslim team, a pair of Miss USA contestants, a one-legged triathlete and a father and his lesbian daughter.

The new race starts off with the perfect test of resourcefulness. In a surprise move, teams will be thrown headfirst into culture shock from the beginning of the race, landing themselves halfway around the world in China, where language and culture barriers – not to mention detours and fast forwards – could level any difference and throw the leading teams right to the end!

Is being well-travelled enough, or will they have to use their street - smartness, charm and pure instinct? More than ever, this season promises a feast for the eyes, and not just in the exotic locations!

With teams of stunning male models, cheerleading captains and reigning Miss USAs, good looks could just be the ticket to a cool US$1 million prize.

Get ready for roadblocks and underdogs as the contestants begin a 30-day race to the finish line, where the last team standing is the first to reach!

So stay tuned to the best in award winning entertainment only on your favourite channel – AXN!

AXN India Backgrounder

AXN is the first 24-hour cable and satellite TV channel in Asia exclusively dedicated to action and adventure programming. Launched on 21 September 1997, AXN now reaches over 77 million households across Asia. Featuring the best in action and adventure lifestyle programming, AXN is the exclusive home of fast-paced, dynamic entertainment from around the world. Backed by the powerhouse of Sony Pictures Entertainment, AXN delivers young adult viewers, Sec15-44 AB, a round-the-clock fix of blockbuster features, blue-chip action and reality series and specials, first-run alternative sporting events and the latest in cult CGI animation. AXN's programming speaks the international language of action and adventure, delivering B! G Buzz, B! G Thrills, B!G Action and B!G Adventure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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