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Dentsu Communications wins Nomarks biz

The new campaign on Nomarks is likely to break by the end of this month

Dentsu Communications has won the creative duties of the all-new Nomarks in a multi-agency pitch. The size of the business according to the agency is 'decent'. For the record, the media duties continue to be Carat Media Services.

Nomarks, the flagship brand of Ozone Ayurvedics, has a very specific marketing objective: To establish the brand underscoring the added advantage of a fair skin. In fact, the new product offers the dual benefit of a fair skin and a mark-free skin. Ashish Dabral, vice-president - Dentsu Communications, Delhi, says, Nomarks is a trend setter in its own right, as Nomarks’ Ozone was the first dual purpose cream launched in India. HLL, of course, followed suit.

Establishing the brand is not going to be that difficult a task, thinks Dabral, as Nomarks –

the mark removal cream – already has a loyal customer base. This is an aspect which was highlighted by S C Sehgal, managing director, Ozone Ayurvedics.

In an earlier interview, he said, “The consumer's preference for Nomarks is reflected in the fact that Nomarks is the youngest FMCG brand to have achieved the dual honour of being voted as amongst India's Most Trusted (ORG Marg-AC Nielson, Brand Equity Survey 2003) and the Most Preferred Brand (FMCG Awards 2003) in the category of Mark Removing Creams.”

So, extending that equity to the new Nomarks product is one way of pitching the brand to potential consumers. But HLL's foray in the same category is going to give good competition to new Nomarks. Dabral disagrees. “New Nomarks has been doing very well, in spite HLL's presence in the market, so I do not see that as a hurdle.”

The media plan for the communication, Dabral explains, is going to be both above-the-line and below-the-line. “The idea is to reach the consumer through every point of contact.” To that end, the agency would be working on a multimedia campaign, which is likely to break by the end of February 2005.

Nomarks has changed two agencies within a space of 10 months. Before the account moved to Dentsu Communications, Nomarks was in the care of Delhi-based agency Noshe Oceanic. And prior to Noshe, Rediffusion | DYR was the agency for Nomarks.

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