Philips India unveils new corporate campaign

The global campaign has not been modified or adapted for the Indian market, as executives believe that Philips consumers across the world are similar

It’s time for Philips India as well to bid goodbye to 'Let's Make Things Better'. Philips India, a subsidiary of the Netherlands-based Royal Philips Electronics, is launching a new brand campaign revolving around the concept of ‘Sense and Simplicity’.

Though Philips had globally launched the same campaign about seven months ago, it could not be launched in India then because the Philips ad account was split between Leo Burnett and JWT. Since the international campaign was created by Philips' global agency DDB Worldwide, it was only after Philips moved to Mudra Communications, that the alignment paved the way for Philips' new campaign.

The global campaign has not been modified or adapted for the Indian market, as executives believe that Philips consumers across the world are similar.

The new corporate campaign is designed to give customers a distinctive image of a sharper, more focused enterprise, which – throughout its activities in healthcare, lifestyle and technology – is held together by a common drive to deliver intuitive end-user experiences.

Royal Philips Electronics will spend Rs 456 crore in the first quarter of 2005 to bring its message to customers in eleven key markets around the world. In India, the investment is a little over Rs 14 crore.

Talking about Philips' new brand identity, K. Ramachandran, managing director & CEO, Philips India, says, “Philips is not the only technology company to grasp the need for simplicity – but I believe we’re the first to put a stake in the ground and declare our intent to take action. Others may aspire to be more fashionable, more cool. Our route to innovation isn’t about extra complexity – it’s about simplicity, which we believe will be the new cool. The advertising campaign will change the way the world sees and experiences Philips.”

Enumerating on why 'simplicity' is an integral concept of Philip's new communication, Ramachandran says, “Simplicity is what people expect of technology and it is as applicable to a doctor working under pressure in a hospital with advanced medical equipment as it is to a consumer operating a DVD recorder. Simplicity is equally relevant to our customers, be it in healthcare, in lifestyle or in enabling technologies. In each of these domains, Philips already has many proof points of simplicity and some of these we highlight in our new advertising campaign. The challenge before us is to further realign our company to deliver on our new brand promise in each and every aspect of what we do and make.”

To that Enderson Guimaraes, senior vice-president, head of Global Marketing Management, Philips International, adds, “We wanted this campaign to be true to the concept of Simplicity. We wanted to use a different language than the one you might have expected from any technology company, and from Philips in particular – fresher, cleaner, more human. Every ad, every insertion tells a part of the story. One ad reinforces another. That is why you will always see multiple insertions in TV commercial breaks.”

The campaign, which was developed together with DDB Worldwide and media buyers Carat, features existing Philips products that fit the new brand positioning. The campaign will run on television, print and online in India, Brazil, Russia and Spain and later, in a new version in China, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, UK and US. © 2005 agencyfaqs!