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Mudra Hyderabad bags the EMRI account

EMRI is a non-profit organisation, which provides help during emergency situations in Andhra Pradesh

Mudra Hyderabad has bagged the creative and media duties for the Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI).

Confirming the development to agencyfaqs!, Bal Deshpande, vice-president, Mudra Hyderabad, says, “The brief is to promote both EMRI and the emergency number, ‘108’, as brands.”

“EMRI is looking at positioning itself as a complete back-up in terms of response teams, speed, monitoring, etc.,” Deshpande adds.

He continues, “Currently, the advertising plans include TVCs and print. But soon, we will move to execute Out-of-Home services.”

Madhukar Kamath, managing director and CEO, Mudra, says, “We are delighted to be attached with this organisation as it is a worthy cause.”

EMRI, a non-profit organisation, was set up in Hyderabad in the aftermath of the cyclones that hit the state’s shores. It went live in Andhra Pradesh on August 15, covering five cities – Hyderabad, Warangal, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam and Tirupathi.

The NGO aims to be the first choice to call in case of an emergency, and to provide a comprehensive emergency response for one lakh calls per day in Andhra Pradesh, by 2008, exceeding 911.

The idea is that in an emergency, when someone dials 108, the call is accepted by the response centre, which, in turn, collects the facts, contacts the dispatcher and defines the problem. It also decides the required help and instructs the nearest mobile vehicle, such as ambulance, police patrol van and fire engine, to move to the emergency area.

S Radhakrishnan, executive vice-president, Mudra South, says, “Our job is to initially create awareness about EMRI, and equip the common man with information that is useful when disaster strikes. EMRI has a good offering that deserves to be shared with its audience as efficiently and impactfully as possible.”

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