Nokia 6600: the world beyond basic needs

The high-end mobile phone from Nokia tries to widen its consumer base using middle-class sentiments

The great Indian middle class in our country still believes that mobile phones are only for conversation. That’s what even stars Kajol and Ajay Devgan preach in the latest TVC for Tata Indicom True Paid: ‘Insaan phone leta hain baat karne ke liye (People buy phones only to talk)’.

But the latest Nokia 6600 commercial tries to break this belief.

Although the commercial takes the stereotypical approach by bringing in the emotional quotient to appeal to its target customers, what makes it stand out is the efficient delivery of the message.

The commercial opens with a young man in an aircraft. He has a smile on his face and looks quite content and confident. The scene shifts to his reminiscences about his childhood and the principle that his father follows: ‘Life is just fulfilling the basic needs.’

When the child points at a passing Mercedes Benz, the father, who is driving a smaller car, tells him, “Gaadiyon ka kaam hain sirf yahaan se wahan le jaana hain (Cars are just for ferrying people from one place to another).”

Next, at a store, the son is mesmerised by some fancy clothes. The father tells him, “Bete, kapde sirf tan dhakne ke liye hote hain (Son, clothes are just meant for covering your body).” Similarly, when the child gapes at a mansion, the father says, “Bete, ghar sirf sir chupane ke liye hote hai (Son, houses are meant to just provide shelter).”

In the next scene, the young man reaches home and his family is overjoyed to see him. He then shows his younger sister his high-tech phone. His sister is very excited about it, but his father replies in his characteristic way, “Phone to sirf baat karne ke liye hoti hain (Phones are just for talking).” Then the young man shows his khadi-clad father that, today, a cell phone is not just a wireless device to talk, but a gadget with multitude uses.

Shefali Chhachhi, head, marketing, multimedia business group, Nokia, says, “The strategy behind this campaign was to sell the idea of an aspirational, high-end mobile phone to the masses.”

She adds, “The commercial makes a direct point to all those who desire to upgrade their phones, but are reluctant to do so as they see it as a mere device to talk.”

In fact, this is the first time that Nokia has used the emotional route to sells its high-end phones. Previously, for this category, it preferred sleek, technology oriented adverts.

The TVC has been conceived by Bates India. Says Sanjay Tandon, AVP, Bates, “The strategy behind the new 6600 commercial is to appeal to its target customers, primarily the urban and semi-urban youth.”

He adds, “The product targets consumers who are looking to upgrade their mobiles and want to enjoy the features of multimedia – they have a safe bet in the Nokia 6600.”

Riding on the father-son formula, the commercial tries to reach out to the masses. Rajeev Raja, executive creative director, Bates, says, “The Nokia 6600 is aiming to reach out to a wider consumer base. And the best way to connect with this segment of consumers is by using middle-class emotional sentiments.”

The message is clear: ‘Sirf baat mat karo (Don’t just talk).’

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