Brand Portrait and ActiveMedia to provide marketing platform to advertisers

Brand Portrait Digital India and ActiveMedia Technology have announced a tie-up to create a highly targeted communication platform

The growing number of mobile phone users has certainly helped in the evolution of mobile marketing as a concept in India. To strengthen marketing initiatives through mobile telephony, Brand Portrait Digital India and ActiveMedia Technology have tied up to create a highly targeted communication platform.

This platform hopes to enable various brands to connect with consumers through the short-code ‘3636’, via the computer or the handheld device. Companies may use the 3636 platform for lead generation, content/knowledge dissemination, consumer profiling and an innovative use of GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). Brand Portrait Digital will also create attractive content for the consumers. The content will be deployed via the ActiveMedia 3636 short-code and the portals. The belief is that the Internet platform and hand-held devices will make it easy to distribute content to global target audiences

Sunil Nair, chief executive officer, Brand Portrait Digital, says, “The global ad spends on mobile channels is projected to be as high as 11.35 billion by 2011. The convergence provided by us will make it possible to reach approximately 70 million consumers in India and allow ActiveMedia to deploy the 3636 short-code across the spectrum and increase usage. We shall soon get into a pay-per-sale model which will lead a majority of the content creators to use the ActiveMedia – Brand Portrait Digital model.”

Raj Singh, head, India operations, ActiveMedia Technology, adds, “ActiveMedia has experience in deploying mobile coupons, voucher, tickets and Mobile-CRM solutions. This, when combined with Brand Portrait’s creative and customised end-to-end marketing solutions, will be a fruitful combination.”

Nair further feels that marketing through mobile phones and wireless devices has become direct, more personalised and a powerful tool. “With 3636, we expect mobile advertising services to be fuelled by high-speed connections and cheap handsets able to handle high quality multimedia,” he concludes.

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