Dentsu launches ‘What If’ consumer insights series

The initiative is to be headed by Aiyana Gunjan, director, strategic planning, based in Delhi

Dentsu India has launched its knowledge series on consumer insights called ‘What If’. As the name suggests, ‘What If’ will focus on the endless emerging consumer trends, new market realities, changing behavioural patterns and new buying stimuli. This study will be completely brand-neutral. By research and observation, it will delve deeper into the psyche of the consumer to provide an in-depth understanding of the same to marketers, clients and advertisers. The initiative is to be headed by Aiyana Gunjan, director, strategic planning based at Delhi.

The ‘What If’ series is inspired by Dentsu Communications Institute and the Dentsu Institute for Human Studies in Tokyo. The chief mission of these institutes in Tokyo is to provide answers to the question of what sort of changes will occur in the structure of society and in the foundations of daily life by understanding the multi-layers of communication that link people together.

Dentsu launches ‘What If’ consumer insights series
Aiyana Gunjan
Dentsu launches ‘What If’ consumer insights series
Sandeep Goyal
Irrespective of the research model followed in Tokyo, Dentsu’s ‘What If’ series in India will first get a comprehensive understanding of the Indian consumer and then accordingly conduct studies that will be relevant in the Indian context.

Currently, there are four major studies in progress under the Dentsu India’s ‘What If’ model. These studies will be available for public offering by Q1 2007. The spheres they will cover are newer Internet apertures, youth sartorial trends, kids’ marketing stimuli and celebrity engagement.

Says Sandeep Goyal, chairman, Dentsu India, “We will look at tracking changing consumer mindsets and mapping them on emerging market opportunities. Using the insights from day-to-day reality and channelling the immense amount of knowledge within the agency in India and in our parent organization will help understand how to talk better to consumers and persuade them with a more informed choice.

“As Dentsu in Japan is already doing some wonderful work to design the future of society through communication, it is our endeavour in India to contribute to the expansion of the knowledge offerings from Dentsu India”, he adds.

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