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Triton and ‘Femina’ part ways; account moves to The Republic

According to informed sources, the size of the business is around Rs 2 crore

‘Femina’, the monthly women’s magazine from the house of Worldwide Media (WWM), has just shifted agencies. Triton had been handling the business for the past few months, but the account has now been shifted to The Republic, and it seems no pitch process was involved. The size of the business, according to informed industry sources, is around Rs 2 crore.

Triton and ‘Femina’ part ways; account moves to The Republic
A recent ad released by Triton as a part of the ‘Believe’ campaign
The move was a bolt from the blue, considering that Triton had recently delivered the hugely successful ‘Believe’ campaign for the brand. When agencyfaqs! tried to find out why the account was moved in spite of Triton’s achievements, Asha Kharga, marketing manager, ‘Femina’, offered a brusque “No comments.”

Anil Sanjivan, executive director, Triton, was diplomatic in his answer, “Sometimes, it makes sense for a client and agency to not work with each other any more. In this case, it was in the interest of both parties to go their own ways.”

Clearly, the real story was not forthcoming from either of the parties.

For the record, Triton had snagged the ‘Femina’ business in September 2006, from Bates David Enterprise (then Bates Enterprise). Incidentally, that development had come about a few months after Sanjivan himself moved out of Enterprise Nexus post its merger with Bates in February 2006, to join Triton.

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